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Making a Non-Spamming Alert [FreedomPenguin]

I’ve sent a lot of pager alerts to myself over the years. Here is a technique you can use that could help you reduce duplicate notifications.


I live for technology.  The iPhone in my hand, using the free wifi offered inside of a building, as I write this while watching my kids skate just blows me away.   363 more words

Internet News 02FEB16

  • Bloomberg Beta – an early-stage fund, backed by Bloomberg L.P., that invests and makes companies.
  • Pager – an up-and-coming healthcare startup reinventing the traditional doctor house call.
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Internet Today

Pager Expands Its On-Demand Doctor Service By Letting Users Chat With Nurses

Pager isn’t just a doctor-on-demand service anymore.

We’ve mentioned the New York City-based company as part of a broader group of startups aiming to bring doctors to patients’ homes, and to be clear, you’ll still be able use the app to set up medical house calls. 414 more words


Custom Webpart property in Sharepoint 2013

Hi :) Today we will create a custom property for a visual webpart for Sharepoint 2013 that is mainly made for a GridView and we will set through it the pager items per page also we will add a custom validation for its user input, first in the webpart’s main .cs we will add the following: 94 more words

Ayam Ayam Lucu

Minion-1: “Kemarin pas ngecek rumah Minion-2, gile itu ayam banyak bingit”
IstriMinion-2: “HAH? SERIUS? Wahhh harus ditutup itu dulu… aku serammmm”

Minion-2: “Nanti tak tutup sela-sela pagarnya” 110 more words


Deducting Un-reimbursed Professional Expenses

According to the IRS, to be deductible, an expenditure must be both “ordinary” and “necessary” in connection with your profession.  The IRS defines “ordinary” as common and accepted in a particular profession and “necessary” as helpful and appropriate for a particular profession. 75 more words

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