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Good Mourning 

It is amazing how one single patient call at 3:45AM can render a whole night’s rest utterly useless. I will mourn that lost sleep all day. 6 more words

Doctor At Your Doorstep: Heal Offers Direct-to-Patient Medical Care

Back in the day, house calls were part and parcel of a doctor’s working life. Now, thanks to mobile technology, this seemingly antiquated practice might be making a comeback. 201 more words

Internet Today 04MAY15

  • CloudSense – Market leading Salesforce native CPQ, Order Management and beyond. Salesforce Platinum implementation Partner with leading 9.5/10 customer satisfaction.
  • Witness – a panic button that takes advantage of everything your phone can do — You just need to launch the iPhone app and press the big red button.
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Internet Today

Pager Turns Your Facebook Pages Into Full-Fledged Websites

Meet Pager, a neat little hack developed during our 24-hour Disrupt NY Hackathon by a team of three engineers. It’s the perfect idea for small business owners who want to turn their Facebook page into a more traditional website. 304 more words


Using terminal pager in Linux ("less is more", multitail and most)

Terminal pager is used to view (but not modify) the contents of a text file moving down the file one line or one screen at a time. 382 more words

git diff for long, single-line files

Problem: running git diff on single-line files that need to be diff’d per-word, and visible on console output with word wrapping.

First, set your pager ( 31 more words