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Ayam Ayam Lucu

Minion-1: “Kemarin pas ngecek rumah Minion-2, gile itu ayam banyak bingit”
IstriMinion-2: “HAH? SERIUS? Wahhh harus ditutup itu dulu… aku serammmm”

Minion-2: “Nanti tak tutup sela-sela pagarnya” 110 more words


Deducting Un-reimbursed Professional Expenses

According to the IRS, to be deductible, an expenditure must be both “ordinary” and “necessary” in connection with your profession.  The IRS defines “ordinary” as common and accepted in a particular profession and “necessary” as helpful and appropriate for a particular profession. 75 more words

Andrew Schwartz

Isi Pulsa

Malam ini si Kamiyo agak gelisah…
Tangan kiri megangi hp…tangan kanan..megang PAGER 73 more words

On my last project, I wanted to design one of the screens to look like Google Newsstand’s swiping tabs that were also scrollable and had an image between the ActionBar and the tabs.

1,382 more words


Amsterdam, Holland. (Thanks, A.)


Ways diabetes makes me kind of awesome

Okay, don’t get me wrong: Type one diabetes still a chronic life-threatening disease that sucks and stuff. Just, do we need to focus on that all the time? 456 more words


#167 - On Call Failures

This was me… 1:30am… after getting paged… because a patient at the nursing home had diarrhea twice the day before. Why the hell would you call me this early in the morning when you could just wait until tomorrow? #triagefaill #killmenow.