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Visualizing Yesterday's World: The Old Tech That Kids Don't Know

For most people born before the 90’s, a “3 1/2 inch floppy” was once a crucial part of their technological lives;┬ásecuring and transporting important files and data. 119 more words


Selamat Malam, Duhai Kekasih

DARI jauh Sukab sudah mendengar lagu dangdut itu.

selamat malam

duhai kekasih

sebutlah namaku

menjelang tidurmu

Langkah menjadi ringan, seringan hatinya sejak sore sudah melayang-layang. Tumirah, ya Tumirah, wanita itu sudah berjanji akan menunggunya di malam Tahun Baru. 1,431 more words


Sustainable On-Call

I saw a tweet by Charity Majors that got me thinking–

Yes, yes. On call sucks and can destroy your life. I know this. Bored now.

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ODUMUNC41: Session Inspire Students to Continue Legacy

The Sheraton Waterside Hotel welcomed local high school students from the Hampton Roads area for the Model United Nations Conference.

The conference takes place over four days where each student participates in different sessions to discuss various topics and come up with a resolution. 211 more words

SSIDAAK Chapter Five: Christmas 1997

Stupid Shit I Did As A Kid

Chapter Five: Christmas 1997

As I mentioned in a previous story, my best friend didn’t get his license until six months after I did. 507 more words

Club flyers? Nah, I'm gonna use my pager...

How did tech-savvy clubbers in the late 90s look to keep up to date with the latest club listings? Flyers? Pah! They used their pager, of course. 125 more words