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ODUMUNC41: Session Inspire Students to Continue Legacy

The Sheraton Waterside Hotel welcomed local high school students from the Hampton Roads area for the Model United Nations Conference.

The conference takes place over four days where each student participates in different sessions to discuss various topics and come up with a resolution. 211 more words

SSIDAAK Chapter Five: Christmas 1997

Stupid Shit I Did As A Kid

Chapter Five: Christmas 1997

As I mentioned in a previous story, my best friend didn’t get his license until six months after I did. 507 more words

Stupid Shit I Do

Club flyers? Nah, I'm gonna use my pager...

How did tech-savvy clubbers in the late 90s look to keep up to date with the latest club listings? Flyers? Pah! They used their pager, of course. 125 more words


Art Eavesdrops on Life and Pagers

Before cell phones, pagers were the way to communicate on the go. At first, they were almost a status symbol. Eventually, they became the mark of someone who couldn’t or wouldn’t carry a cell phone. 185 more words

Radio Hacks

FLEX Pager Protocol in Depth

We love pager hacks. One of our earliest head-slappers was completely reverse-engineering a restaurant pager’s protocol, only to find out that it was industry-standard POCSAG. Doh!

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Hacking News

It's 3 AM And I Wanna Go To Bed

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from me in awhile, it’s because I went directly from the Potassium Repletion rotation, which I absolutely despised, onto internal medicine wards. 1,334 more words