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Backlink nedir?

Bir sitenin başka bir siteden aldığı bağlantılara backlink denir. Kod adı : Referans.

Backlink almak ne işe yarar?

Dijital platformlarda görünür kılınmak için uygulanan önemli bir araçtır backlink. 183 more words

Digital Marketing

Why Your Mobile Customers are Your New Focus Group?

If you are putting together a marketing plan for your business and you need market research, you had already considered about conducting a focus group. After all, it is one of the best ways to help a company learn valuable information about customer attitudes and their perception about the business and its products or services. 181 more words

9 Of My Favourite Digital Marketing Tools I would recommend To All Smart Marketers

By now, digital marketing has become a buzzword in the industry. But, if you are a digital marketer you must have a fair idea by now how difficult it is to manage a slew of projects, campaigns, and clients, and all this while coordinating efforts with other teams and immediately reacting to change. 203 more words

[ number 111 ] Best Ways To [verb] [adjective][plural noun] [adverb]!!

great encaptivating description for SEO!  Here’s an irrelevent picture!  Here’s a link to some other site that these kind of shitposts were made to advertise! 74 more words


What Are Backlinks And what's the pagerank?

Every little thing online comes right back to backlinks, without backlinks its really difficult to obtain rated high up on google and the other search engines. 512 more words


SEO Tip - Do Not Rely on Page Rank Solely

Try not to be too obsessed with Page Rank. It is just one part of the ranking algorithm. A page with a lower page rank can still defeat those who are on top. 56 more words

Google's PageRank Algorithm in Python

Have you ever asked yourself how google ranks the pages when you search something on google.com?
If yes, have a look at PageRank algorithm definition… 360 more words

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