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  1. 从 X 到 Y 有一条有向路径,不一定从 Y 到 X 也有;
  2. 即使从 X 到 Y 有, 从 Y 到 X 也有,但这两条路径经过的节点可能完全不同
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A Deep Strategy of Page Ranking (PR) and the Functionality of it.

Indeed, human is a smart creature. If we talk about how smart they are and how smartly was created humans , I guess this story is never ending. 115 more words


Timpul meu valoreaza mai mult decat 15 lei

Sa fim seriosi. In blogosfera romaneasca e o problema mare rau de tot. Cei care accepta sa scrie pe 15 lei pentru ca “eu din blogging traiesc” sau “sunt niste bani in plus”. 158 more words


TWS-5: Google’s Page Rank: Predicting the movements of a random web walker

Internet history can be divided into 2 epochs. The epoch before the Google search and that after. Prior to Google there were many unsuccessful attempts to organize the Web, which  a miniscule fraction of what we have today, through Web portals. 782 more words


Difference Between PageRank, Domain Authority and Page Authority

Two measurements of a site are often thrown around as important metrics for your site to work on improving. One of these is the Google-created and measured PageRank. 1,035 more words

The Value Of Search Engine Optimization aka SEO

Recently I took a look at where the Elyse Bruce and Idiomation blogs ranked according to Google and its search engine.  Both blogs were doing very well and ranked in the top 50 domains. 510 more words

Elyse Bruce

How To Determine If Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Let’s face it, our mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have become an attachment to our self. As a result, when we use the web browser on these devices we want the websites to load and fit the screen size without having to make adjustments. 203 more words