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The Best Guide When It Comes To Internet Promotion

There will be businesses who become huge and others that will stay small. Most do not become either and just fade away. Many businesses, especially online ones, fail. 24 more words

Make Money Online


Google is an American Multinational Technology Company specializing in Internet related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud, computing and software. Most of its profits are derived from Adwords, an online advertising service that places advertising near the list of search results. 173 more words


Pagerank güncellemesi

Pagerank ne zaman güncellenir?
Güncelleme sorusu, pek çok web sitesi sahipleri için merak edilen sorulardan birisidir. Öyle ki sitelerinin daha başarılı olması ve dolayısıyla daha fazla kullanıcıya ulaşabilmeleri için her daim arama motorlarının sistem güncellemelerini takip etmeli ayrıca pageran… . 7 more words

ItemRank: A Random-Walk Based Scoring Algorithm for Recommender Engines

Marco Gori and Augusto Pucci, 2007 (from the IJCAI conference proceedings).


The authors consider an application of PageRank to recommendation in the case where explicit ratings are available. 196 more words

Poisoning Google search results and getting away with it

SophosLabs researchers recently uncovered a hack being used by unscrupulous web marketers to trick Google’s page ranking system into giving them top billing, despite Google’s ongoing efforts to thwart this sort of search poisoning. 778 more words


PageRank: Scoring Your Site

To help your site get noticed, you need to understand how Google runs a web search.
Imagine you type dog breeding into the Google search page. 493 more words





  1. 从 X 到 Y 有一条有向路径,不一定从 Y 到 X 也有;
  2. 即使从 X 到 Y 有, 从 Y 到 X 也有,但这两条路径经过的节点可能完全不同
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