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Top SEO Trends and Ranking Factors for 2018 [Infographic]


Here is a nice infographic on the top SEO trends and ranking factors for 2018. Good quality content created for engagement, a well-crafted user experience, relevant, high-quality site links, and mobile-first designs still make for a great SEO strategy, but voice search and AI are also emerging areas that shouldn’t be ignored in 2018.

Source: blogkens.com


The Sopranos and Social Network Analysis

The Sopranos may be over, Tony might be dead, but my love for it will never die.

It’s been 10 years and I still cannot get over the ending for HBO’s show, The Sopranos.  486 more words


Why CTR's are a need not a want.

Does CTR really affect your google page ranking? According to this wordpress article they in fact do!

In this article it states how people get hung up on the details of the ranking , the different theories that are out there and how all of this creates confusion for anyone who is trying to improve their page ranking. 236 more words

Cheap Whiteboard Video In 24 Hours



What you get for $5?
– Whiteboard Animation of 400 words script
– Royalty free background music included. 53 more words

Seo Company Indore

Analyzing Google

Let’s analise Google, the “center” of the web.

Next month, precisely on 15th September 2017, will be the 20th anniversary of Google’s dominion. It’s been twenty years since two students of the University of Stanford, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have completed the first step in the implementation of Google. 1,028 more words


What is Mathematics?

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to help out with the upcoming induction week for our mathematics undergraduate students. I am given one hour to give 70 students some idea of what they have come to study. 1,880 more words


The REAL Basics of Google Search, PageRank, and SEO Link Building

I’ve always turned my nose on most link building strategies because of a simple reason: they’re focused on building links for a website and not making the website link-worthy in the first place. 1,135 more words