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2016 Travel Capsule

Picture this: It’s December, I’m sitting at home editing photos from Asia (that were somehow taken seven months ago!), and realizing it has been a very long time since I have written a blog post. 1,244 more words


My FIRST Scuba Dive Experience (A Cham Island Diving Review)

I panicked when I first hit the water, and then had one of the most incredible experiences of my life. This is my story of the first time I scuba dived. 1,671 more words


Brother/ Sister Love <3

Hello again. As usual, I hope this meets you well.

This week has truly been a blessing. Although I didn’t do anything that was different to what I usually do, it was different. 329 more words


Written 10/07/2011......

My pain and suffering has increased, perhaps, 100 fold. I think I must have thought that it was already as bad as it could be – wrong. 318 more words

Pages From My Journal

Back from a Daydream + A Giveaway

It is insane how quickly a month can pass by. At the beginning of May, Matt and I left from the Pearson Airport in Toronto, and flew to Asia without a clue as to what we were getting ourselves into. 552 more words


Off to Asia! / Pre-trip Planning and Struggles

The day has come! Matt and I leave tonight to begin our month-long journey around Asia! Our countries visited will include Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Japan. 337 more words


Tell Me Your Story. I'd Love To Hear It...

If I had money for every time I postponed uploading a planned blog post- because of something that happened, a random thought/ realisation or an inspiring conversation- I’d be rich… Ok, maybe not that rich because I don’t have that many blog posts (yet), but you get my drift. 422 more words

Pages From My Journal