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Mixing landscape and portrait layouts in Apple Pages (via throwable)

Clever work around to fix this issue. This webpage has a ton of Leopard related troubleshooting as well. Might be worth a look if you are having a… 92 more words


"Ghost" page numbers on every second page

So Jerrold Green1 figured it out:

Sometimes in the process of importing from Word, page numbers are improperly converted to Master Objects or Background Objects. Go to Format > Advanced > Make Master Objects Selectable.

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Pages webdav cert issue???

jlbunting solved the issue:

I was the one who first started this thread. I want to report, I figured out how to get WebDav working on Pages.

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Creating alphabetical Lists in Pages.

Thanks Chris CA.

Do this…

Select everything in the list.
Go to menu Format > Table > Convert text to table
Select all cells
Go to the 

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Two ways to convert .pages to word.

Method 1:  Thanks Jacko30!

If you rename the pages file to zip and open it, the is a pdf in there. in the quicklook folder.

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Mail Merge in iWork '09

This gives you a good step by step on how this is done.  Really easy to do.