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You're Alive.

You are still alive between the pages of my messed up diary.
Your presence still lingers in every word I write. 85 more words

Quiver: Beyond the Mile

This was the first time I worked on a Quiver page. It was the first time I stayed for a deadline and got to really experience my team leader. 47 more words


Scout: One Skin To Live In

This was the last Scout I worked on. Our team shared many laughs with this story for the number of odd interviews we had. The story’s focus was on the effects of tanning and why it was a big trend. 15 more words


Scout: New Stalls In The Halls

This was my first scout, the main idea behind the story was about transgender bathrooms coming to Lake Central. I was the staffer who would go out and interview students and get an idea of what they thought. 24 more words


Quiver: Varsity spikes back

Varsity spikes back is a varsity volleyball story originally published in the 2017 edition of Quiver yearbook. I wrote captions, interviewed volleyball players, typed up quotes, and helped write the story.


Quiver: Art from the start

Art from the start was originally published in the 2017 edition of Quiver yearbook. For this page, I wrote captions, interviewed students, typed up quotes, and wrote the story.