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So that's going well

That little post about Christianity and the Syrian refugees yesterday got 636 pageviews, a single-day record for any post not involving Freshly Pressed.  The site in general had 890, with 620 unique visitors.   192 more words




1)  What should I do to get ready?

a.        Please remove personal items from the outside of your building  (patio furniture, BBQs, plants, hanging decorations, doormats, etc.) If items cannot be moved or you are in need of assistance please contact us prior to our arrival. 689 more words


The Last of Us.

Everyday, people fall out at different stages of a visitation.

I’m referring to the many visitors that are lost at different stages of visiting a website that we have so preciously and dearly created. 525 more words


Report Card: coverscart.com

In my previous blog post, I shared the story of covercart.com with you and this time I am sharing it’s success with you.

With such great figures and numbers, … 47 more words


Engagement: Getting Your Blog Noticed

When I started my first blog, I didn’t promote it anywhere; I was too introverted to ask people to look at it, and too proud of it to really ask what people thought. 679 more words


The Death of Snackable Content

Every other headline out there today promises to break topics down into bite-sized bits. “4 Ways to Be a Better Leader,” “8 Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle,” “16 Abuses From the CIA Torture Report” — it seems as if no topic is too serious or nuanced to undergo “snackification.” 1,131 more words