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Unknown Continents: A Conversation with authors Patricia Zimmermann and Scott MacDonald

Unknown Continents:
A Conversation with Patricia Zimmermann and Scott MacDonald,
authors of The Flaherty: Decades in the Cause of Independent Cinema

Genevieve Yue

from Film Quarterly Fall 2017, Volume 71, Number 1… 5,453 more words


How we encouraged people to freely license their solar eclipse photos for the future

Last week, people flocked to US states from Oregon to South Carolina to experience the world going dark in the middle of the day.

Over the course of several hours, the moon passed between the sun and the earth. 949 more words


Radio Check

I’ve noticed my traffic dying off big time, so I’d like to make a test.  Please give me a hand.

If you are reading this only in the email, please click the “Like” button, to let me know how much of this is being read through email, rather than coming to the page.   32 more words


All The High's

Thanks blogger friends! I’ve hit 1.0k likes from you guys, and I really, really, really value your input!! Mad respect for the blogging community, and for all the support. 103 more words

Measuring the impact of Beta

In digital transformation more often than not we iterate a service; however at certain times we have to launch something new. Normally this is when software changes (new CMS or major changes in coding practices) or when the service hasn’t been done before. 1,427 more words

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Imagining Hollywood from the Outside In: A Conversation with Celestino Deleyto

Imagining Hollywood from the Outside In: A Conversation with Celestino Deleyto on From Tinseltown to Bordertown: Los Angeles on Film

Regina Longo

from Film Quarterly… 4,372 more words

Film Reviews

Do Not Let Your Art Devolve Into Content

Dear Writer,

Here’s something we really need to talk about.

It’s tough out there, it really is. On my best days, I adore what I do even if it only matters to 5 people. 576 more words