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Music Library Search & Tag Program "DJ Helper"

An associate of mine, who does work as a DJ, approached me with a minor problem which frequently arises during his work. He mentioned that when playing a medley of songs, each song has only a handful of other songs which are ‘viable’ to follow up with (due to same ending beat, rhythm, theme, etc). 271 more words


Turn on – Lightning Part 7 (Pagination - Client-Side)

In this blog, we will build a Pagination component which also retains the checkboxes which are checked during the next and previous screens.

Requirement: Display the list of Opportunity records with pagination and the checkbox values are retained. 1,022 more words


[How to create] - Pagination Without Database MySQL on PHP

May be seen from the title of this post is not familiar to the developers of web -based software.  Make pagination is a must when we have data that can be said to be tens or even hundreds of thousands of web pages. 346 more words


Laravel 5 Pagination: Multiple Paginations in the same Page

In this note I write down my experience regarding multiple paginationin the same page using Laravel 5:

In your laravel controller:

//  Program Degree
$object1s = Object1::orderBy('name', 'desc')
                    ->paginate(2, ['*'], 'page_1s');

// Master Program
$object2s = Object2::orderBy('name', 'desc')
                    ->paginate(2, ['*'], 'page_2s');

// Online Course
$object3s = Object3::orderBy('name', 'desc')
                    ->paginate(2, ['*'], 'page_3s');

… 59 more words

Old Insurance Maps Are Unlikely Sources of Stunning Typography

My time as a newspaper editor introduced me to the fascinating, dark art of page design. Each week, I’d tangle with Adobe InDesign and blindly toss around headlines and subheads, photos and big blocks of text and hope something would come together. 314 more words


IndiePub Adventures - Formatting for Paperback

This week has been a very difficult one for me personally, but it has left me with plenty of time to get on with some of the less interesting parts of indie publishing: formatting the paperback. 1,190 more words

Rise Of The Darkwitch

WebHarvy (Minor Update)

From this release on wards WebHarvy targets (depends on) .NET 4.5 which comes pre-installed on latest Windows editions. This results in smoother installation process, doing away with .NET 3.5 download and install which was previously required. 114 more words

Release Update