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Formatting: Pagination

Ending up with a few lines or text on the next page or seeing a headline at the end of the previous page is confusing and frustrating for readers. 489 more words

Formatting Basics

The Path To A CMS (part 1)

And so while I took the last sip of my everlasting (somewhat) dew, an idea struck of why not go in all the way? (no innuendo intended) 327 more words


Playing Around With Pagination

Pagination was one of my fears however that just changed today. I managed to set up a minor prototype pagination class.

Yeah, Yeah. It’s not much of an accomplishment, … 138 more words


Ajax Pagination with CodeIgniter & jqGrid

Well, programmer like me and you are searching for good code which can do the pagination. There are lot of Javascript grid plugins are available on the internet who can achieve the pagination, searching, sorting in one go. 1,325 more words


Yii Pagination

return new CActiveDataProvider($this, array(

or for no pagination use
return new CActiveDataProvider($this, array(

Know Pagination and What Use of pagination

Pagination is Process to diving content into district page.

When Multiple items in One page that it force to divided into multiple pages.

I have create Example Of… 106 more words


Simple Cakephp Pagination

Cakephp provides a quick an easy way to paginate data.

In the controller we start by creating the pagination condition as given below :

  1. public $paginate = array(

  2. 89 more words