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Membuat Pagination di Flask + MongoDB

Pertama, kita butuh flask extension yang bernama flask-paginate


Kemudian tambahkan baris berikut di route yang mau di-paginasi, misal search result:

from flask_paginate import Pagination, get_page_parameter

def search(keyword):
	page = request.args.get(get_page_parameter(), type=int, default=1)
	per_page = 3
	offset = (page - 1) * per_page
	data = db.product.find({'$text': {'$search': keyword}}, {'score':
		'textScore'}}).sort([('score', {'$meta': 'textScore'})]).skip(offset).limit(per_page)

	pagination = Pagination(page=page,

	keyword_title = keyword.replace('-', ' ').title()
	return render_template("search.html",
	) 46 more words

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