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Types of Media in the Beauty Industry

Paid, Earned, and Owned Media are marketing and communication models to describe the types of media businesses use. These media types all have their uses, but some might be best fit depending on your business. 337 more words


चार संस्कृति अति प्राचीन है

दुनिया में 4 संस्कृतीयां अती प्राचीन है  …मिस्र, युनान, रोम और भारत…मिस्र, युनान और रोम की संस्कृति को तो धर्मांतरण वालों ने कुचल के अजायब घर में रख दिया…अब एक संस्कृति बची है प्राचीन..जीजस के बाद इसायत चली..मोहमद के बाद इस्लाम चला…लेकिन ये संस्कृतियाँ उस से बहुत प्राचीन है..उन में अपना वजूद है..अब इन में से केवल भारतीय संस्कृति प्राचीन बची है..और भारत संस्कृति में 4 वेद है..ये ज्ञान  सुन लेना…अपने बच्चे बच्चियों को पड़ोसियों को समझाना..


Who owns / runs Indian Media?

I am amazed these days with the filthy activity of Indian media, in fact I am beginning to think Indian media as the biggest threat to our sovereignty. 1,169 more words


Freedom of press and journalistic ethics: Is Indian media misusing its freedom of expression and acting unethically?

Freedom of expression is crucial to protect all fundamental rights enshrined in constitution. To protect fundamental rights and to uphold the values of justice , liberty ,and equality the role of people, state and media are complementary. 1,086 more words

Creative Optimization: Art or Science?

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about paid media in the digital space. We always hear that content is king, but what’s often left out is how important creative (image or animation) is in the content. 526 more words