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Kik Branded Gifs

Yaas, you can now give
Credit where credit is due
Cool kids get first dibs

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Eye Opening Secret Of Corrupt Media

भारत के भ्रष्ट मीडिया की खुल रही है पोल…

मशहूर न्यूज #एंकर #दीपक #वोहरा के घर पर #ED को छापा डालने पर 3 किलो सोना, 50 हजार डॉलर की रकम, चाँदी के बर्तन, इलेक्ट्रॉनिक गैजेट और कई उपकरण भी मिले जिन्हें पुलिस ने अपनी कस्टडी में ले लिया हैं। 46 more words

Paid Media

Sonic's Two Guys

Brooke Ray

Sonic- Two Guys Campaign

Sonic has been creating commercials with the same two men in a car at the restaurant for years now. They just recently came out with new ones that have caught my eye. 172 more words

Spotify and Beatles Twitter Campaign

Image of the emoji used during this campaign to promote the Beatles

Photo courtesy: BeatlesOnSpotify Twitter page @spotifybeatles


In December 2015, Spotify finally added The Beatles albums and tracks to its streaming platform. 208 more words