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7 practical steps for SMEs when Facebook turns off organic reach

We’ve all now read about Facebook’s intention to effectively ‘switch off’ organic reach for company Facebook pages. So what should SMEs without big paid-media budgets do? 537 more words

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Facebook's not so big announcement

We’ve known that Facebook were planning significant changes to the News Feed for a while. I’ve mentioned before that it might actually be a blessing in disguise for many brands. 76 more words

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Oh my Instagram eyes

Trying not to bring any extra negatively to the world… but I’m just having a big old 😡 with sponsored ‘influencer’ videos on Instagram in 2018. 57 more words

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Owned, Earned, & Paid (OEP) Approaches

OEP Approaches PDF

I decided to use Virgil Abloh and his brand Off-White as an example for a company successfully applying OEP approaches to market their brand. 276 more words


Boosting little by little

It strikes me that Twitter are missing a trick by failing to make it super-easy for small businesses to promote tweets.

By contrast, Facebook (and Instagram) present users with a big blue button marked ‘Boost’ / ‘Promote’ on every post. 70 more words

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To Create . . . To Buy . . . or Both?

Owned, Earned, and Paid (OEP) is becoming the ever prominent methodology of digital marketing.  Think of OEP media like a tripod. Each element is an important part of the whole and all contribute to a complete digital marketing strategy. 443 more words


The social media divide

As the likes of Facebook become increasingly ‘pay to play’ it feels as though a big divide will open up for brands here.

For those with serious budget, they’ll be able to frequently get their message in-front of lots of people. 41 more words

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