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The Xbox is a home video game console and the first instalment in the Xbox series of consoles manufactured by Microsoft.

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The Difference Between Owned, Paid, and Earned Media

The social media marketing space evolves so quickly that there are constantly new labels and tactics being thrown around to see what sticks. Anyone can come up with a way to segment and describe strategies to reach mass amounts of people through the mutualization of communication made possible by social platforms. 766 more words

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I thought it was just me, but when some friends expressed their suspicions, I felt it was an interesting topic for my blog. There was a time, not so long ago when hosannas were sung in praise of the bold and unprecedented English press, but alas, over the past two years our English media seem to subtly have become biased in their reportage (I do not follow regional newspapers and TV channels, but I am sure they are no different). 853 more words


Those of us growing up in the pre-liberalization India have been witness to biased and government approved (and sponsored) news being promulgated by our dear old Doordarshan. 1,029 more words

प्रेश्यावृत्ती में लिप्त पत्रकारों के बुरे दिन

प्रेश्यावृत्ती में लिप्त पत्रकारों के बुरे दिन

आज जब हर तरफ़ बिकाऊ पत्रकारों का महाजाल नजर आता हैं वहीं सुरेश चव्हाण व सूधिर चौधरी जैसे पत्रकारों को पत्रकारिता बेहद अदभुत उदाहरण बनकर उभर रही हैं। …


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कश्मीर पर आजाद रिपोर्टींग के तहत जब @ZeeNewsHindi पर @sudhirchaudhary ने अपने @DNA में हकीकत बयां कर देने वाली कश्मीरी देशभक्तों कि दास्तां चलायी…. 7 more words


The Dark Side of Last-Touch Attribution

There are two  primary schools of thought when it comes to assigning “credit” to revenue driven in a digital advertising campaign: last-touch (the media receiving the last interaction, whether a view or a click, receives “credit” for any resulting conversions) and multi-touch (multiple media touchpoints are considered when assigning “credit” for a sale – usually with first and last touch receiving a lion’s share of credit, and everything in the middle receiving a split percentage of credit). 609 more words