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Screens: Futuristic Marketing and Mobile Media

When I wake up I check my email, Facebook and Reddit. That is all just on my laptop. Througout the day I will almost always have my laptop with me (unless I am working), but I will surely have my Galaxy S5. 621 more words

Google to Bring Paid Search Results to Google Play Apps

Google is bringing one familiar feature of Web search to its Google Play store: Paid search results.

The company said it will begin testing what it calls “sponsored” search results within its app store in the coming weeks. 173 more words


What's the secret "code"?

Even though there different roles within being a marketer, it’s important that we all have a basic understanding of one another’s duties. Learning the foundation and basic level of each job will smooth out the communication between each person and it will help improve our own skills of incorporating other aspects of company as well. 402 more words

Online Lead Generation: Tracking 101

It is surprising how much investment some brands put toward generating leads online and then only read front-end results when assessing the performance of a digital campaign. 494 more words

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Don't Leave Paid Search Out of the Equation! Grow Your Business with Google AdWords

According to Google, fifty percent of clicks generated from paid ads cannot be replaced by clicks generated organically. Apparently my grandma isn’t the only one who still clicks on paid search results so Pay Per Click advertising just might be something for companies to consider. 734 more words

How did Google Became a Multi-Billion Dollar Company? Adword PPC

What is adwords, how does it work, who uses it, how efficient is it,

When it comes to Search Engine Marketing, AdWords is Google’s advertising system in which advertisers can bid on keywords to increase the chances of their ads being clicked in Google’s search results. 708 more words

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Paid Search; Market and Optimize

In my last blog I discussed how SEO can help a company through the use of optimizing your website to be found more efficiently. But is there another way that your links can be displayed in a search engine? 404 more words