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Automated Bidding and RLSA Audiences

Google continually churns out new features to help paid search marketers optimize their advertising campaigns in AdWords.  These powerful tools can certainly have a tremendous impact on both the efficiency and scale of your advertising efforts.   397 more words


Are voice-enabled devices a threat to Google's ad revenue?

Voice-enabled apps and devices seem to be the next big thing. It was the clear star-of-the-show at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in December.

But using voice to do searches may reveal a vulnerability for Alphabet (aka Google). 264 more words


Organic sales leads and job oppurtunities are they one in the same ?

As I was reading 13 Ways to Grow your Social Media Audience in 2017 Social Media Today, I was reminded of the corolation between oragninc sales leads and getting the job you want. 

142 more words

Do I need a degree to work in Digital Marketing

There are a lot diffrent types of marketing degrees, but my question to you is are they worth the possible $50,000 in debt? I am hoping to find out you dont need a four year degree as I am looking move my career into the digital marketing field. 153 more words

Seasons Greetings and Self Development

It’s Christmas Eve. The presents are laid out under the tree, everything is decorated and soon the smell of looking Christmas dinner will be filling the house. 875 more words

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Digital Marketing Career Pivot

I would like to start this off by reminding everyone I have no formal trainging in this field. When you look at the current direction of the marketing world when it comes to employement, there are so many options. 97 more words