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94 percent of all B2B and 81 percent of all C2B product inquiries are starting with online search. Seeing these numbers, it is not surprising that advertisers have to put a lot of effort into search engine marketing. 294 more words

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AdWords Ad Grants Cheat Sheet

Setting up an account for ad grants is different to a standard AdWords account, and some of the set up requirements may be counter-intuitive. Below we’ve compiled some of the top sticking points that people experience in setting up their accounts. 547 more words

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Google Ad Grants for Non Profits: Everything you need to know

Did you know, for eligible applicants, Google will donate up to $10,000 in paid search spend per month (around £7,500)? That could mean hundreds of additional visitors to your site, discovering your services, volunteering more time, or making more donations. 993 more words

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3 E-Commerce AdWords Strategies to Beat the PPC Plateau

We weren’t the first to bring a comparison of SEO vs PPC advertising to the internet. We’ve blogged about it before, and we will again; SEO campaigns and PPC advertising are cornerstones of every successful e-commerce business. 179 more words


How Will Paid Search Work for Voice?

Amazon and Google have already hinted that they are thinking about allowing paid voice search.

If voice search is going to work anything like how current paid search works, then chances are, there is going to be a ranking system similar to Google Adwords’ that checks the relevancy of a brand to a certain question as well as how high the bid for a keyword is. 376 more words


4 AdWords Tips that Will Add to your Bottom Line

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is an excellent strategy to direct more eligible leads to your brand’s website. However, having users to your site is simply the initial step. 186 more words

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Maximizing ROI with Phone Calls for Display Ads [Infographic]


Display ad spending is expected to soar to $46.69 billion by 2019. A study by DialogTech shows how incorporating related offline touch points, such as phone calls into their attribution models, can boost ROI on their display ad spend.

Source: adweek.com