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Future Trends of Internet Marketing

Today, over 75% of website traffic comes through organic search results and 85% of people trust search engines for fulfilling their primary business needs. Even though people are inclining towards social networking websites, but Social networking websites are more or less served as taking second opinion, feedback for the products. 1,131 more words

7 Deadly PPC Sins

Pay-per-click (PPC) has been considered one of the most sought after marketing services in today’s modern society and it’s no surprise. Everyday we face the wash of the selfies, hashtags, acronyms, stalkaholic tendencies and everyone is in it for themselves. 715 more words


Baidu, China's version of Google, is "evil," a growing number of users say

A Chinese college student recently died of cancer after receiving questionable treatment from a hospital that advertised on search engine Baidu, sparking a huge outcry online in China. 584 more words

Google Maps is Google’s main tool for helping users find directions to a place, but it can also be a great tool in order to discover local places to eat, drink and read a book while enjoying a great cup of coffee. 383 more words


Behind the scene - How does Google select Ads to display on the web page ?

Whenever in-doubt – Google it !  – I have been following this mantra for last many years. There were times when we go to our parents or to teachers and sometimes to our friends to discuss things but now the social connection has completely changed in this cyber-world of Internet especially ‘Google’. 1,341 more words


Advertising on a shoestring budget

Here are 10 ideas to advertise with little to no advertising budget.

  1. Events – two options here. Plan your own event, or go to another event to get in front of the audience it attracts.
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Best Practices for Retargeting (Part 1):  Are you reaching new customers or just annoying your best ones? 

John Wanamaker once said he’s wasting half his advertising but not sure which half.  In today’s programmatic buying, this sentiment can be updated to “I’m only buying the good half and annoying half of them with the wrong ad.” 620 more words

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