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Information overload - PPC Tips

I have hit a ceiling here. There is way too much information out there on digital marketing particularly with SEO and PPC (articles, blogs, whitepapers, guides, demos, case studies etc). 275 more words

Ways To Track Calls in Google AdWords

Tracking the times that mobile users click to call from your ads is easy, but you can also capture data from a user who entered your website from an ad, browsed around, and then later made a decision to call (and hopefully buy). 364 more words

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And, not or: Leverage paid and organic search to achieve success

Online search is King. If you want to find something: where’s the closest Italian restaurant? What is a mortgage? What’s the best laptop for a college student?, you Google it. 491 more words

Strategic Implementation of Google Expanded Text Ads

Google rolling out expanded text ads, which is giving advertisers liberty to include 2 headlines (with each up to 30 characters) & Description line (of up to 80 characters). 433 more words

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10 Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies in India are mainly focused on getting the best deal for their clients through aggressive promotions aimed at the masses and classes alike. The volume of financial business in the last decade has been completely re-shaped the infrastructure and the concept of advertising in

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How to make the most of your pay-per-click advertising with those extra 45 characters from Google Adwords!

It’s a brand new day in the AdWords world!  Expanded text ads recently went live.

The old 25-35-35 rule is out the door, ushered in is the new 30-30-80 rule which consists of TWO headlines of up to 30 characters of text each, followed by an 80 character expanded description. 560 more words

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AdWords Keyword - House Hold Income Targeting

Average household income levels can be used in a Keyword Search campaign to further narrow down your audience.

  1. This feature is hidden in the LOCATIONS tab inside CAMPAIGN SETTINGS…
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