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Maine Paid Sick Leave Bill Introduced

The text of the Maine PSL bill, SP 380, is finally available. After the first couple of reads, a few observations:

  • The PSL requirement would apply to employers with at least 50 employees, similar to Connecticut’s law and Maryland Governor Hogan’s Commonsense Paid Leave bill.
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Paid Sick Days

Maryland Bills Address Paid Sick Leave Abuse

A PSL “thumbs up” to both chambers of the Maryland legislature for acknowledging the existence of sick leave abuse. The initial drafts of HB 1 and SB 230 had a very tepid, almost indiscernible, provision on sick leave abuse. 172 more words

Paid Sick Days


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced earlier this week that if a PSL bill moving through the legislature were approved and sent to him for signature, it was “dead on arrival,” DOA. 162 more words

Paid Sick Days

AZ Supreme Court Rejects Paid Sick Leave Challenge

Just three days after hearing oral argument, in a one paragraph Order, the Arizona Supreme Court unanimously rejected the challenge by a cadre of business interests to the constitutionality of Proposition 206. 77 more words

Paid Sick Days

North Carolina to Consider Paid Sick Leave

In what some might consider a legislative overabundance of optimism, some North Carolina Democrats introduced recently into the General Assembly the Economic Security Act of 2017, … 286 more words

Paid Sick Days

A Minnesota Paid Sick Leave Preemption Bill That Isn’t

One more piece to the Minnesota Melee I had posted about here.  In addition to the preemption and PSL bills that have been introduced in Minnesota, another bill, a bill of a type I have never seen in all my meanderings through PSL bills, has been introduced. 174 more words

Paid Sick Days

AZ Supreme Court Hears Argument on Paid Sick Leave Proposition

The Arizona Supreme Court held oral argument last week on whether Proposition 206 violates the “Revenue Source Rule” of the state constitution. The 44 minute video archive of the oral argument is… 145 more words

Paid Sick Days