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PSL Gets Sunset Fix from Spokane

Spokane, Washington passed its Earned Sick and Safe Leave ordinance early in 2016, to be effective January 1, 2017. A few weeks ago, voters in the State of Washington approved Initiative 1433 (I-1433), which will provide PSL statewide, effective January 1, 2018.  217 more words

Paid Sick Days

Disloyalty Toward Employer to Win Paid Sick Days Protected  

On this National Day of Disruption, when thousands of employees in major cities across the nation engaged in “Fight for $15” protests to raise the minimum wage to $15, it is only fitting and proper, as lawyers say, to write about an employee protest relating to paid sick days. 433 more words

Paid Sick Days

Federal Preemption of State and Local Paid Sick Leave Laws

I relish preemption arguments.  I am not referring to the state preemption laws which preclude municipalities from enacting local labor legislation (and which you can find by clicking on “Preemption States” on my menu bar above).   547 more words

Paid Sick Days

Cook County Paid Sick Leave Gets Barrington Asterisk

Here’s a new one. A paid sick leave patchwork within a paid sick leave patch! Well, why not?

In October 2016, Cook County passed its… 320 more words

Paid Sick Days

Benefits to Employers of NYC Earned Sick Time Act Have Not Materialized

If you are not familiar with Miles’ Law, let me introduce you to Rufus Miles. Miles, a federal employee in the 1950’s whose job involved reviewing budgets submitted by agencies, had a change in perspective about the budget review process when he moved to a position in which he needed to submit a budget for review. 442 more words

Paid Sick Days

Montgomery County Adds Parental Uses to Earned Sick and Safe Law

Montgomery County’s Earned Sick and Safe Law went into effect on October 1, 2016. A month later, the County amended that law to add parental purposes to the list of allowed uses of leave. 217 more words

Paid Sick Days

Arizona Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act: PSL-4Step Analysis

Last week, Arizona voters approved The Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act. Here, I use the PSL-4Step framework to analyze that Act.

Step 1: Does it apply? 1,756 more words

Paid Sick Days