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Sensory neurons regulate how we recognize pain, touch, and the movement

‘Busybody’ Protein May Get On Your Nerves, But That’s A Good Thing

Summary: Researchers have identified a protein that is critical for pain signaling.

Source: Salk Institute. 1,096 more words



A hunger for a higher joy
I need to fill my heart.
This greed to taste a lower joy
I need to make depart.
This lowly joy entranced my thoughts: 97 more words



No longer do I try to find you

Those desires now wain

Closed eyes seldom bring your face to me

Memories of how you would look at me fade… 76 more words


I take the round one

The long one

And the pretty blue one twice

Why is it still here

The landfall of emptiness

Crashing through me… 47 more words

Competition by day constipation by night!

Throughout my boyhood I had weak digestion and I suffered from constipation which used to give me creepy pain. It happened again and though there was no surprise I hadn’t expected it to be so ‘deadly.’ I’ve been taking liberty in eating seventy grams of Maggie noodles as breakfast everyday which is deep-fried and made from Maida flour.  613 more words



See, here, this
bed where she lay
(sometimes she laid)
with me, with me: i think
she has just gone, it’s still
warm from her body, she… 29 more words




the old woman sits sighing
half-shaded from the sun: all
her springs have run dry, she lives

for the Sunday promenade
and muttered lines with old… 121 more words

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