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Change is one the thing that has always dynamically constant. Macroscopically to microscopically, we have been witnessing it time and again. As much as we hate it, but it is unavoidable. 285 more words


What Will Give You Happiness?

This question was posed by a friend to me a couple of days ago. Without batting an eyelid I said – “If Amma, gets seven hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, that will suffice.” He replied, – “But Mahesh, that is not in your hands right?” 352 more words

My Big Fat Life - Fields of Weeds *breaking up blog

As of last night, I am no longer with him. I haven’t slept since yesterday morning and my eyes are swollen. I’ve cried a lot, begged for sleep to find me and thought a lot about the past two and a half years of my life. 1,908 more words

Survey: Many Medical Cannabis Patients Cease Using Opioids

Survey: Many Medical Cannabis Patients Cease Using Opioids

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Chicago, IL: More than two out of three medical marijuana patients substitute cannabis in place of opioids, according to  183 more words



Must I forgive again? Again?
And suffer through another’s sin?
The sins I find in me feel small,
Requiring not much grace at all.
But this new wound so bleeds and smarts, 213 more words


Transforming Pain

I have had my share of pain in life-physical, emotional and psychological. 

Some of it I’ve brought on myself and some of it has been thrust upon me.   198 more words


Day 14: Lessons Learned

I am human. I will make mistakes. We all will. But, I’m thankful for the lessons learned. In all that I do, I try to see what the lesson is that I was supposed to learn. 165 more words