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They Never Go Away

I paused for a moment
just to listen to my heart
shedding tears that never ends
enduring the pain that never heals…

I hold my breath for a moment… 29 more words

Excelling in Non-Conducive Environments

People are born to excel in conducive environments. 

It’s no great shakes. 

With an appropriate environment around you, you move and shake…

…the world. 

Fine.  647 more words


Pain, Tired and Distressed

Achy and Hurting

All types of aches and Pains

At my wits end Too

But it seems Better

Being I have been Resting

But I’m in Denial… 37 more words


Patriarchy Bites - Mr Modeliser

“You’re on the borderline of what I find attractive”

To be fair, I asked the question – and they say, never ask a question that you don’t want the answer to. 1,484 more words

30 Something

Cannot be

It cannot be that hard to live
Cannot be that hard to love
Cannot be that hard to forgive.

But first of all

You should stimulate your… 20 more words


Weight of the world (poem #149)

She took the weight of the world on her shoulders,

Not just her world,

But their’s too,

And when she faulted and fell,

They did not help her, 10 more words



Darkness surrounds Me

Deep, painful, soul taking stabs

Drenched in flower Beds

Nothingness circles

No soul is left within Me

No good could Happen

I see it Coming… 90 more words