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I have endometritis.
This link has two descriptions.

The description by the March of Dimes
explains some of the symptoms.

“Endometritis is infection of the endometrium, the lining of the uterus (womb).

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Why Rock Bottom is a Powerful Place

A very incredible and powerful read.

Rock Bottom. A place that brings dread. That no one would choose to visit. And yet it is also a place of mysterious power. 22 more words


Understanding why hallux valgus occurs and fixing it without surgery

Below is the table of contents for A Guide to Correcting Hallux Valgus. Afterwards there is the understanding section, which is free. You’ll then find the purchase button to get access to the fixing section, along with more info as to what’s in it. 1,789 more words


Cannabis: Non-addictive pathway to pain relief? Medicinal properties of cannabis examined -- ScienceDaily

New research suggests an avenue for developing treatments for chronic pain that harness the medicinal properties of cannabis while minimizing the threat of addiction. Therapeutics that target the endocannabinoid system might produce pain relief with fewer side effects compared with opioids. 13 more words


2Years- 2Months- 12Days (804 Days)

Ok, I know I haven’t writing in my blog for a long while. I have been fighting with my bipolar depression and been trying different meds but, I haven’t found the one that is working with me. 236 more words

Broken Leg Story

Stone Hearts And Hand Grenades (poem)

With stone hearts and hand grenades

We break each other down in this hell called hades

With stone hearts and hand grenades

We make sure we kill love with these tireless games… 183 more words

Quotes On My Current Thoughts And Perceptions