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Tears are running down my cheeks
Heart is broken
No words to speak
Stretched myself to honor a friend
Aware the night held potential for pain… 78 more words



Just before typing these words I took a deep breath and requested, “God, please forgive me.” God anticipates our mess ups and therefore is readily awaiting with His grace. 434 more words

No Words

Some days there are just no words for this journey.

Sometimes I can only feel what I feel

and do what I do

and cry… 162 more words


When will things change?

I’m bouncing back and forth between misery and pain and apathy and exhaustion. I keep missing things that happen in the world outside my own because I’m drowning in my physical pain. 304 more words


A Sense of an Ending - Life-Lessons in Free Verse

This trend to follow fads,
To add prefixes before names,
To crave for attention,
To pretend to be busy,
To choose to ignore,
The ones who care for you. 243 more words

Tears and Hate

Hate is a strong word but I felt it so much yesterday. My healing was going well again until my monthly came the day before yesterday. 564 more words


Mirror mirror on the wall

I am broken.

You have beat me down.

I am silent.

I have no voice now.

The truth?

I have no fight left.

I am empty. 29 more words