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The Necessity of Wings

In the wee hours of the moonlit night

I woke again.

I spent two hours

Trying to forget you.

Not to remember your blue eyes laughing… 85 more words

Letting Go


Big mass of energy

Holding tight

Churning around




It’s hard to explain

It just wants to explode

It’s fighting its way out… 119 more words


I Have No Actually Clue...

I’ve sat in my little art room, all day. I’ve barley gotten off the couch that is in here. I only want to sit around and cry. 391 more words


Word by word

You have put on weight, I can’t believe you ate that
(You aren’t really but I need you to think so)

You drive so badly, just like your dad… 232 more words


Love's a Sickness & I Don't Have A Cure

My love feels like a sickness, torturing me every day.

He doesn’t want me, and he doesn’t feel the same.

Yet a knot tenses my stomach, my chest gets tighter with every thought. 118 more words


Exciting Week That Just Began

Yesterday’s GI appointment went really well and bloodwork came out beautifully!
So far, my gastroenterologist is happy with the results and gave me this long talk of maintenance, which was a little fatherly and reminded me of how much he really cares for his patients. 403 more words

Ulcerative Colitis