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Confessions of a (chronic pain) graduate student

I took more of my tests as makeups one term than I did with the class.


Stopping The Pain...You didn't drop in and I just had to

        YBLC BLOG Volume 5  September 24, 2016


“Some of my feelings have been stored so long they have freezer burn”. Melody Beattie author of “The Language of Letting Go”. 849 more words

Whole Food Nutrition

Current Headspace

So I know I have been conspiciously absent from the writings of Daisies and Darkness the past while. I have not kicked the bucket, albeit I came very, very close to doing so – see, one medication was giving me night terrors that left me having screaming conversations with my dreams. 2,606 more words

Confessions of a (chronic pain) graduate student

I’ve prayed for the elevators at school to malfunction while I was in one, so I’d have an excuse to take a nap.


9/23/16 Feelings

Emotional chameleon that I am, I am feeling so many things: My boy was elected to student council so I’m thrilled (and honestly, impressed…he is so much braver than I am!) Meanwhile, my friend’s daughter did not get elected and my heart broke as I drove her home while she cried. 202 more words


revisiting old wounds

so, against my better judgement, i sent a friend request to the shape. i know that i shouldn’t dwell on it, and i think that i have done an ok job, but i hate losing a friend. 53 more words


In The Quiet

for Rose

Will you trust Me in the quiet,
When it seems I do not care,
When you’ve prayed and prayed for answers,
But solutions are not there? 135 more words

Stanza'd Poems