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Hurting Lie and Healing Truth

“Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But words will never hurt me!”
This lie is heard around the world
When wounded hearts are hurting. 103 more words


I’m an artist and I need pain… how ironic


Medical marijuana could reduce opioid use in older adults - Science Daily


Study shows up to 65 percent of older adults who use medical marijuana significantly reduced their chronic pain and dependence on opioid painkillers

I am aware of people who ate cannabis (~20-30g THC) in lieu of taking opiates when recovering from joint replacement surgeries.  134 more words


Poem: A Prediction of Floods

A Prediction of Floods

It is raining.
Grey. Drab.
A hint of winter in the April air.
Flowers they say, will come,
and if you look close, you can see… 196 more words

Talking pain with Pete

Pain Coach + Pain Toolkit getting together to deliver the RIGHT messages about chronic pain

This is the first of a series of conversations about pain. 42 more words

Chronic Pain

Day 10 - Treasure in Jars of Clay

I often feel so inadequate. Unequipped for the struggles that come my way. And don’t jump to judge me…I have a sneaky suspicion you feel the same way. 478 more words


The "countdown" begins

The first meaning would be what “Type 7 or VII” is.  The countdown mentioned is to the usual timeframe; over 64 hrs old, that type of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, very close to 0% chance that I’ll live longer, especially due to the combination of weakness and being unable to even partially ‘defend’ myself because ‘it’s not a very serious disease (especially since it’s from so long ago).  39 more words

Writing And Thought