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Bigger Picture: Overwhelmed with the Unexpected

The season of life that I am in right now has me on quite the journey. Much of the pain I am experiencing is self-inflicted, not because I am physically hurting myself or anything, but because Charlotte and I have chosen to go with the cramming method of planning life out. 474 more words



My face and hair are covered in God’s tears.
Yearnings to be safe are finally met.
Healing that is greater than all my fears… 110 more words


5/2/16 Morning Musing: Owning Your Own Stuff

They were sitting in our dining room yelling at each other across the table while Stan and I watched them…studied them to get a feel for how they handled disagreements. 520 more words



David and the Wife of Nabal
2 Now there was a man in Maon whose business was in Carmel, and the man was very rich. He had three thousand sheep and a thousand goats. 1,425 more words


More of a statement than a POST

I have been so in and out of it, not sure how I managed to do anything while being so shot. I had to leave things physical and on the phone to do certain things and many times I am getting less than 10 %. 121 more words


Saving ourself

We got to take stand,
We got to take the world in our hand,
See more clearly and stop and listen,
don’t be fooled by christians, 36 more words

Seemingly as the day goes by quicker I do less and have more pain

Pt does not help and I have to workout more frequently but my living situation does not avail me much choice. If there is something I can’t do on say the first rep or two I will push through, go heavier and gain range of motion. 118 more words

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