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Chronic pain vs. chronic pain

Hmmmmm … where do I begin?  I guess at the start.

The White Rabbit put on his spectacles. “Where shall I begin, please your Majesty?” he asked.

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Acupuncture for Active Dogs

With the Pinnacle Pup Run barely one week away, we are still talking about ways to keep your active pet in prime condition.  Athletic pets, just like athletic people, are prone to muscle soreness, strained tendons and ligaments, and generalized discomfort from over- conditioning. 341 more words

Wellness Care

Do you ever get wrist or forearm pain?

Ever since I had my son I have had some form for wrist or forearm pain. Here is how you can alleviate most forearm and wrist pain with the following stretches and chiropractic care at Lerner Chiropractic.


Virtual reality for pain control: Firsthand


What if we could minimize the amount of deleterious painkillers and risky anesthetic procedures simply by providing someone with a distraction? Many people have at some time experienced how distraction can minimize pain, and now virtual reality products are emerging for practical use in healthcare. 370 more words

Wearable Technology

Party weekend

We saw a movie…. in a theater…. with strangers around us!

Since Rachana’s treatment started we are told to avoid crowds to reduce chances of catching an infection as her immune system is extremely weak.  463 more words

Phase 2

A Trip to the Countryside

As readers of my blog will know I’ve had several eye surgeries in the last few years. This year I wanted to be free from hospitals and operations. 1,692 more words


Patient Populus

The patient populus can make or break you.  If you like your patients, even the things that annoy you about the job itself don’t bother you as much.  1,128 more words

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