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Talking Sense: Nocioception

What if you were crying in pain and no one would hear you? 

Ethical questions about nocioception and ASD. 

The Second Pathway within the Somatosensory System (touch) is called… 547 more words


Vaginal marijuana for menstrual cramps: the grass isn't always greener

Foria wants you to know they are selling vaginal suppositories of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) called Fiora Relief for menstrual cramps. Each suppository contains 60 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD. 800 more words


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Look what the amazing Dr. Jen Gunter has to share again! The idea of marijuana via vaginal suppository is quite interesting. At times, I'm sure I would have been very desperate to try such a thing, but today is the first I've ever heard of this ... plus I don't live in a state that allows medical marijuana. Anyway, if anyone tries or has tried this, please let me know -- I'd really like to know how well it worked! But it's not like I'm going to go get a uterus transplant so I can try it myself! My dsymenorrhea (painful periods) are a thing of the past -- and it was all done legally!

12 Days of Christmas - 2 Wishes for 2016

This has been open to interpretation for me and I have struggled with this, it goes without saying that I wish the health and happiness for my famiends, and as small amount of pain daily throughout the year as possible for me. 191 more words

Some Light Relief

Piss Off Pain, I'm Busy.

There are lots of ways to make it through a busy time (like the Christmas Holidays) when you’re in chronic pain. The following are my main tips that I’ve been passed or have learnt the hard way. 1,521 more words


If I had my druthers -─
though it’s a close-run thing -─
I’d rather have pain
than be bored.

Failing mental stimulus
the assaults of the body… 52 more words

Free Verse

What's the best way to avoid post-operative muscle pain for your patients?

2TheApex:  Use a bite block

Whenever a patient can tolerate a bite block/mouth prop, aka “tooth pillow”, we use one.  Since using them routinely, I perceive a decrease in post-op myofascial pain complaints.  99 more words


All Pain Is In The Brain - Emotional & Physical - Hypnosis for Pain Control

Pain is not transmitted to the brain. Injury information is transmitted to the brain. The brain then interprets and translates the information. This means, pain is in the brain… it is a perception.   442 more words