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The 5 Most Asked Questions About Endometriosis – Answered!

Most women dread that special time of the month when menstruation comes knocking. From stain worries to cramps, it’s a seemingly necessary evil that comes with the beauty of womanhood. 484 more words

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Acute Pain Management with Opioids

Pearls in acute pain management with opioids from Keith Dickerson, MS, MD:

Because IV opioids reach their peak effect within 15-30 minutes, patients may initially be reassessed and then re-dosed at this interval until adequate pain control is achieved and an effective dose is determined. 449 more words

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How (not) to chose a carer - Part 1

Finding the right carer can be like crossing a minefield

I have needed carers to help me for over 10 years now and these are some of the things I’ve learnt. 723 more words

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New Experience: Aromatherapy Blending Workshop

It’s a new year and last week, encouraged by the ELDEST GRANDDAUGHTER, I ventured way out of my comfort zone to explore a new experience. 218 more words

3 Things You Might Not Know About Osteopathy

1)  In 1993 the Osteopaths Act was passed giving Osteopaths state recognition and the same responsibility for patients as doctors and dentists.
2) Osteopathy is the oldest form of manual therapy… 86 more words

Where's a good reference for local anesthesia techniques that work??

2TheApex:  Right Here!!

This is a great summary of techniques that can help with that “Hot Tooth.” And a good source for what does NOT add to successful anesthesia.   CLICK HERE


The Mind is Medicine

I was talking to an athlete and asking him how they get through extreme events when suffering with pain.

What I got back was something I hadn’t expected – the use of imaginary medicine! 286 more words