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What's the best way to avoid post-operative muscle pain for your patients?

2TheApex:  Use a bite block

Whenever a patient can tolerate a bite block/mouth prop, aka “tooth pillow”, we use one.  Since using them routinely, I perceive a decrease in post-op myofascial pain complaints.  99 more words


All Pain Is In The Brain - Emotional & Physical - Hypnosis for Pain Control

Pain is not transmitted to the brain. Injury information is transmitted to the brain. The brain then interprets and translates the information. This means, pain is in the brain… it is a perception.   442 more words


Last week ...

Last week I was on annual leave; but sadly I have been unwell with Sciatica. The pain began while at work about 10 days ago, thinking it was a pulled muscle. 219 more words


Is this the World's fastest piece of conversational hypnosis for pain control?

During a hypnosis demonstration in Norway in 2013, I test a prototype of the Subliminal Messaging System – a conversational method which I developed for communicating directly with the unconscious mind through what seems to be a normal conversation – for pain control.

Thom Shillaw

Diamond Sutra vs. Diamond Drill

The blog title sounds like a Japanese monster movie.  It is actually about my adventures in a dental office.

I had a dental crown done a few months ago.  508 more words


Vibrational Pain Relief, with Crystal Singing Bowls, Voice & Guidance

The powerful vibrations of crystal singing bowls, voice and other instruments are merged with gentle verbal guidance to help the listener access and release pain and tension in the body. 46 more words


Frustrations and Pain

Normally, I start the day with little pain.  I wake up tired but feeling fine overall.  I force myself out of bed, eat something small, and take pills.   327 more words

Multiple Sclerosis