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Day 26 - Pain Control

Calibration of pain experienced by a patient is not an exact science. The doctors ask you to choose a number between 1 and 10 (10 being the worst) and then they try out a few options to see what works for you. 339 more words

Initial Treatment

Ground Control To Major Tom...


That was a song that floated through my morphine-saturated head for a while in the hospital. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on. 16 more words


Home TENS Units and Pad Life

This is a short video on why it is important to replace the pads on the plastic that comes with the TENS units. As these are becoming more popular, this hack will keep your pads at their best.

Your head can heal your body and even reduce oxygen therapy

Science is increasingly proving to us that what is going on in your brain can affect how the body heals, even from chronic conditions such as MS, chronic pain, HIV and COPD. 644 more words

Portable Oxygen

Medical Marijuana Act for NC Is An End-Of-Life Issue

It might not seem clear to everyone that the NC Medical Marajuana Act is an end-of-life issue, but it really is.  A great number of medically compromised, end-of-life patients need options that can make them more comfortable as the journey towards the end becomes more and more inevitable. 333 more words


Diamond Sutra Vs. Diamond Drill II: Secret of Pain Control

Last October I had blogged about using Diamond Sutra to overcome dental pain caused by dental-drilling.  


Yesterday, I have my third dental crown done.  With previous two pain-control experience with Diamond Sutra, I thought this trip should be painless. 498 more words

Ken Lai

Talking Sense: Nocioception

What if you were crying in pain and no one would hear you? 

Ethical questions about nocioception and ASD. 

The Second Pathway within the Somatosensory System (touch) is called… 547 more words