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Can too much weed kill you?

The idea for this post came from a Facebook friend who indicated they were concerned about the US’s recent push to legalize marijuana, particularly in light of the chances of death from an overdose. 818 more words


How to pain control after surgery from the cureplus

How to Pain control after surgery

What You Need to Know About Pain Control after Surgery

Pain manage following surgical operation is a priority for both you and your docs. 275 more words

Medical Marijuana, treatment or just an excuse to light up?

A trend amongst the medical community over the last few years is the use of medical marijuana. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse medical marijuana ” refers to using the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat symptoms of illness and other conditions.” Australia has joined 25 other countries in investigating and adopting the use of medical marijuana for treatment in certain patients. 305 more words

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Lerner Chiropractic Is Open Saturday's! 

Busy week? Lerner Chiropractic is open most Saturday’s. Our goal is to get you feeling better as fast as possible and the sooner you can come in after in injury the better! 11 more words

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Pain? Pain Control!


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Interesting word for today.  I took Terry to the hospital three hours ago to have a DRG Stimulator implanted permanently. 186 more words

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The 5 Most Asked Questions About Endometriosis – Answered!

Most women dread that special time of the month when menstruation comes knocking. From stain worries to cramps, it’s a seemingly necessary evil that comes with the beauty of womanhood. 484 more words

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Acute Pain Management with Opioids

Pearls in acute pain management with opioids from Keith Dickerson, MS, MD:

Because IV opioids reach their peak effect within 15-30 minutes, patients may initially be reassessed and then re-dosed at this interval until adequate pain control is achieved and an effective dose is determined. 449 more words

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