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Dealing with Our Trash

Just talking with a blogger friend … and we were saying how the garbage needs to arise before we can grow spiritually.

The mundane fact is that we do everything possible to avoid/deny things such as daily chores, pain, confrontation, jealousy, anger, death. 72 more words


FVMA Veterinarian of the Year Award

I was honored And humbled to be named Veterinarian of the Year by the Florida Veterinary Medical association. I love living my passion of healing animals and being part of this compassionate profession.


Phase 2 Migraine Surgery

At the end of February, I wrote about my upcoming nerve decompression surgery. Within that post, there was a promise that I would keep everyone updated. 527 more words


Migraines vs Pain in the Pagers

Twenty-four hours post-op from a nerve decompression surgery for migraines and the patient was miserable with intense pain. The nurse had been paging the residents all day without any response. 831 more words


My experience with the opioid crisis

A year or so ago i fell and hyperextended my back. Didn’t hurt much initially but i began to have what i thought was left hip pain a few months later. 686 more words

Resilience, what a load

I just used “pain” to search for an image for this article because there were no images for “resilience”.

Educators and social commentators talk about teaching people resilience as a way to improve their lives.  517 more words

U.S. Congressional Caucus To Focus on Integrative Health Care

Source: U.S. Congressional Caucus To Focus on Integrative Health Care

The new Integrative Health and Wellness Congressional Caucus will educate members of the U.S. Congress on how such therapies as massage,  891 more words

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