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A stress fracture in your foot can derail your season - how to prevent it

Baseball, football, basketball, Lacrosse, gymnastics, running, tennis – no matter what sport you play, you may experience a stress fracture in your foot or lower leg at some point. 578 more words
Foot Pain

Purple, bulging, painful veins in feet or ankles may be Varicose veins

Pregnant young women get them. So do aging women and men.

Varicose veins, which  lie just under the surface of the skin and appear swollen, twisted, and enlarged, may or may not represent a threat to your health. 566 more words



                                            BENEFITS OF SELECTING PROPER SHOES

The small appendage at the end of our body that we call the foot is actually more important than we realize,this is the foundation on which we stand. 607 more words


More Than Simply "Foot Discomfort"

Over weight people or overweight individuals experience heel pain very often. This is because there is overload in the feet muscles which might result in inflamed muscles and tissues. 555 more words

Pain In Foot

Flip-Flops Far From Foot Friendly

Flip-flops are omnipresent every summer, but with no arch or heel support, are these foot-shaped pieces of rubber bad for your feet?

When one walks… 368 more words

Foot Pain

Heel Pain in Children: Warning Signs For Parents

There’s simply no substitute for organized game play in a child’s physical, emotional and mental development. Even non-organized physical activity is important, like climbing trees, going for a swim on a hot Saturday, or riding a bicycle to a friend’s house. 277 more words

Foot Pain