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Here to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in advance. Today is Christmas Eve, and I definitely have no time to wish everyone. I do hope that all my families and friends will have a very good one. 771 more words

Daily Ranting

#todaysconclusions 10/12/14

I’ve had a pain in the arse for nearly 3 months. In 8 days it shall be gone.

Whoring out a room at my house makes me feel dirty. 55 more words


I'm An Apple Fanboy...

…except when trying to get photos and video off my iPad Mini and onto my Mac.


‘It just works’ my arse!

Getting rid of blue hair, step one: Colour B4

After getting rid of blue/green hair is proving to be a royal pain in the arse, I figured I’d do a step-by-step then a general summary at the end because if not, it would be a hella long post. 251 more words

Product Review

Shogun Vader Mr.Wheezy

After my debut of the Samurai Suit in the NeoTokyo Cosplay Convention at the Scape Warehouse in August, my fascinations with costume/prop making has been greedily feeding onto my ambitions to head for projects of a larger scale. 392 more words


A Right Royal Pain in the Arse

Sorry.. Had to say it! But now I know exactly what that expression is all about.

Yesterday was grim, more about teaching me what I cannot do. 253 more words


the kvetching runner!

What, me complain? Sorry. But, I have to … ’cause that’s who anal I am! It’s just getting harder and harder lately. I awake, go for my run … and when I return, it’s still pitch black out. 162 more words