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Today's Reality Finally Hit Me Hard Enough To Wakeup

I have been suffering from prescription pill addiction for the past 5 – 6 years, due to 5 surgeries in a short period of time. Long story short the surgery didn’t work and like many other American’s I was pointed in the direction of, “Pain Management.” I was told by my “Pain Management doctor,” that there was nothing he could do for my particular case, but to prescribe prescription pain medication. 630 more words


She is a Neglectful Mother

My daughter got pregnant with her son when she was 17 years old. She and her boyfriend had a very rocky relationship. He was a few years older than her and he didn’t have anything to do with her pregnancy unless she forced him. 1,946 more words

Selling her Son's Toys for her Drugs!

Yesterday, my six year old grandson came in my room and sat next to me to visit me for a while. He said, “The laptop as at a friend’s.” so I asked him what he meant and he said his mom said that she leant it to a friend. 605 more words

I'm a pushover

After days of telling my youngest daughter, “No” to her asking to borrow money, I finally gave in to $20 instead of her requested $100 for her Cymbalta. 1,458 more words

I think she found some money

My earlier blog talks about how my youngest daughter was desperate for money because she was starting to detox from her pain pill addiction. She had asked me to borrow $100 even though she already owes me $440. 334 more words

Opiates Complicate Everything

I’ve been craving an opiate pill for sometime now. I took them for 3 years and that urge to start taking them seems to never go away. 327 more words

Doctor, Teacher, Corrections Officer Charged In Prescription Drug Ring

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A prescription drug ring is allegedly traced back to an area podiatrist.

He’s accused of shelling out thousands of pills over a two-year period. 239 more words