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Traumatic versus chronic pain. Why chronic pain exists?

If you suffer some form of an accident and for example hurt a joint, this causes traumatic pain and normally heals after you treat it. If however you leave it untreated, traumatic pain likely turns chronic. 778 more words


Chronic pain - therapies that help

I have coped with 15 years of pain. Of which 10 were of constant pain. As in all-the-time.

I am practically pain free now. I have learnt an awful lot during the past 15 years and I can help you find ways to heal faster, so you do not have to search for 15 years as well. 1,187 more words


Rest and Relaxation?

I am on day two of a self-imposed “time-out.” Yesterday wasn’t very relaxing, I had: four door knocks, several phone calls, two deliveries and a last-minute dinner invitation. 283 more words

Chronic Illness

How to Deal with the 6 Common Causes of Leg pain in PD? : By Dr. De Leon

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people in PD support groups is a continuous relentless severe leg pain. Prior to a decade ago, I as all my fellow movement disorder specialist would have not thought leg pain to be a direct precursor of PD or an initial non-motor symptom. 1,002 more words

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