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"Run For The Roses 50 years of Fighting Depression."​.

In my current project “Run For The Roses 50 years of Fighting Depression.” I take a long look back at how it has been over the 5 decades for me living with depression and the reasons behind it. 346 more words


There Ya Go Again, Breaking My Heart

How many times now?

A dozen plus?

Hit after hit after hit

The pain will not stop

Thundering down

Feigning sweetness

Harboring lies





Suffer the pain

Once our image cracks and begins to unravel,
Punched in the face by reality,
We begin to understand that,
Substance is not wished or imagined, 120 more words


The Everyday War Inside

The everyday war inside,

The thrashing of thoughts,

The raging storm within the prison of my mind,

The surge.

Followed by the swell.

The never-ending storm. 50 more words

Everything comes back to you

Yesterday we had a great but active day. Today my body is reminding me that everything I do has a price to pay. The picture is from yesterday, it was a gorgeous but chilly day. 893 more words


Recovery, Left Wanting… Is This What Freedom Feels Like?

So tired, feeling.

So old, feeling.

So much exploited, dragged through the mud

and left for dead.

I need to sleep.

I *need* to sleep. 31 more words


7 Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain Relief

Here are some of the ways you can ease chronic pain without prescription drugs or over-the-counter medication. Try these natural remedies for chronic pain.

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