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The God who goes before. (pt.1)

God is always teaching me things about Himself. Lately, He’s been speaking through the music I listen to, whether secular or worship music. Recently I’ve been loving the song, “Defender” by Rita Springer. 528 more words


Don't Cry for me now

I recently had a health scare. A condition that if it presented a bit differently could have been fatal. And I guess it could still be for a few more weeks until the drugs really start working. 396 more words


These feet

I must be defeated ’cause I can feel it in my feet.  they won’t move so that must prove something.  beauty in the eye of the beholder is much colder when the beauty is the destroyer of I would cry but it doesn’t make a difference to this indifferent wraith admiring my corpse.  216 more words


Years back

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My First Tattoo and Meaning

I got my first tattoo last month. I always wanted one, and I just impulsively decided to get it when I woke up one morning. 169 more words

I am enough.

It was Friday about 3pm and I was sitting in a room of about 30 people. They were all off to my right gathered in an oval playing a game. 2,234 more words

It's Tuesday Again

I’m sitting here with the Mother of All Toothaches.

How bad is it, you ask?  Bad enough that I’ve actually considered digging out a pair of pliers to pull it out myself. 571 more words