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Non-surgical Options

Continuing with our information on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, today we will look at non-surgical treatment approaches for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) aim to remove pressure on the median nerve where it’s pinched. 327 more words



Issues on a roll,

We’re on all time low.

I said,

“There’s still some rice on the bowl.”

He said,

“Don’t let the food run cold.” 13 more words

Indians Are Horrible Reader

Indians are horrible readers. Would you like to know how I can make that assertion? I can say that because if Indians read, I wouldn’t be surrounded by the kind of idiots I see everyday. 676 more words


week 47|2017

1. you must let the pain visit.
2. you must allow it to teach you.
3. you must not let it overstay.

three routes to healing by Ijeoma Umebinyuo


Giving thanks for Family

Arduous journeys bring many challenges, and today may be more challenging than most. I have learned that there will be a reconstruction of the “accident”. My niece and my siblings will have to sit through that. 150 more words

Hope And Human Kindness


I thought the surgery was successful… And I stand by that it was… But… It feels strange… I’m more bendable than ever in my back, but for some reason I randomly hurt… Not a fan… Might just be healing, but still… I even feel the scar sometimes…


Day 6: Rift

The group of individuals took their places in the wide open room, as the atmosphere of the room settled into the regular hustle bustle of the class’s pre-routine. 72 more words