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the girl in the next bed came in in handcuffs.  her distress something i rarely see.

same goes for the expertise of the nurse, who decided that because the girl was not cooperating, that she would tie her arms down. 131 more words

Based On A True Story

Overcoming Addiction 

The pain of watching a loved one in such an unforgiving, uncontrollable dark place of ADDICTION, but feeling completely powerless in getting them to understand and see what a destructive severe situation they are in, is heartbreakingly devastating, to say the least. 443 more words



It is 6am. I have had a grand total of 1 hour sleep since getting in from the wedding.

It was a glorious hour. The subsequent hours since 4 am have not been fun. 251 more words

Trust & the Kiss of a Whip

Hi, my name is Ladyofpurefilth & I am addicted to being on the receiving end of a whip.  There are only a few sounds that immediately grab my attention & the cracking of a whip is one of them.    1,005 more words

Dark Eyes

A Smile can mask
A thousand truths
Yet cannot conceal
Pain behind your eyes
I look, I see, I feel

You lie, “all’s good”
Your doing fine… 31 more words


B just saved me!! I was choking on popcorn!! It went down the wrong tube! Thankfully B came into the bedroom and helped me stop choking. 61 more words


I'm not BRAVE

People often thought of me as being brave and mature for defending him and being there for him.

in fact, I’m terrified.

I’m terrified that all the feelings I buried ten feet under will come back to life and what will happen to  89 more words