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For Five Years I Had Roses

I’ve had the title of this one in my mind for a long time. Just that one single line. I’ve finally managed to work it into a whole piece. 146 more words


Chapter Seventy-Seven: Promises

“Where is he now?” I asked.

We eyed each other across the vast expanse of the worn wooden kitchen table, a chasm made wider by our mutual pain and mistrust. 594 more words


PROMPT: Your word is "weight."

His life had always been hard on him, fought him. For most of it, he had fought back. At some points, it seemed like he had taken the reigns. 329 more words


Everyone Is Faking It

I talk a lot about the fog my pain medications create around my brain and how difficult it can sometimes be to remember or find words to express myself. 536 more words


So Here We Are

So Here We Are

What went before, my shell of tears and rain

A cold and distant room

Is now a vacant space, an empty place… 239 more words


The doyley of pain

So I’m asked to describe how I concentrate to write or focus on anything when pain is such a major contributor in my life and a permanent.   280 more words

Kait King

Alive. Alone. Animal. Gone.

Alive. With new face.

Where you can meet only embrace.

Alone. No one cares.

When you fall asleep I can’t erase.

Animal. That’s me.

Swimming across the biggest sea. 8 more words