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Broken Vow

Tell me her name, I want to know
The way she looks and where you go
I need to see her face
I need to understand… 156 more words

A Candle in the Dark

Sometimes I think there is nothing sadder than watching a brightly burning flame snuff out by a sudden breeze. The feeling of sorrow arises not only because of the suddenness of the end but also because of the lost opportunity to burn brightly in the darkness. 1,764 more words

Short Stories

Short Poetries 106 - My Happy Place

If you are tired and exhausted

Feeling like everything is a pain on your back,

What would you do?

If your life is full of sadness… 82 more words

Short Poetries

Today is just a bad day

Today is just a bad day

I don’t want to resign myself to feeling like this but I just can’t manage anything else today.

I found this… 449 more words


Embrace the pain

I have a friend who has been searching for his very first job in a very competitive labor market for about 1 year. He hasn’t had much luck so far. 726 more words

My Thoughts


sinking, sinking
lower and lower
till it feels like I am being swallowed
swallowed up in depressions grip
afraid to reach out
in hopes of a better tomorrow… 33 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

We are allies.
We made the journey together.
You push me, I pull you.
You are my strength, I am your weakness

We are inseparable. 72 more words