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The Ex Culture

“The day I broke up with my boyfriend, that was the day our friendship ended. We were so close, like two peas in a pod. To tell you the truth, I never focused on my other friends, because I wanted our relationship to be a committed one. 1,373 more words

Lived Experiences


Stop clinging to his potential

He’ll never bring anything essential


Hello Readers,

Hope all is well with you guys. I personally have been going through some ups and some downs….who isn’t right! However, I am choosing to looks at those downs in the most positive light that I can. 572 more words


Watch "Katori Walker - Ormoni (Official Video)" on YouTube

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”showing love on keyboards where you at in real life”


Response to Bully Video of Keaton Jones

If you are in tune with what is happening around the country, or world, then you probably have already heard about Keaton Jones from Tennessee. Before you read below, let’s take his parent’s confederate views out of the equation, and focus on the child. 563 more words


Ramblings of A Prisoner of Flesh

Chronic illness is the forced embodiment of an unsolicited reality

It is detecting the ever-changing direction of the wind,

Nimble focus to which way it screams the loudest… 127 more words

Yoga with my fitbit

I’ve started wearing a Fitbit recently. I feel bizarrely self-conscious, wondering if it labels me as aggressively sporty or something. I keep expecting people to engage me in conversation about split intervals, HIIT, Fartlek or whatnot… 316 more words