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Painful Mirrors

Truth is often accompanied by intense pain, and almost no one is looking for painful truths. ~Haruki Murakami

The truth about painful truth is that it is the truth we need to walk through to overcome the pain from the avoided truth. 256 more words

Self Improvement

Hang on, it's going to pass!

Each and every individual has been given the ability to
think,the ability to observe,the ability to feel and the ability to
sustain those feelings.
The finest steel had to go through the hottest fire,similarly… 205 more words

Alcohol Provokes not Numbs

why does our mind stray to the insecurities

the pain

the suffering

when we’re uninhibited.


what does it mean anyway? each time we learn and we know we’ll drift back to these upsetting thoughts and yet still we sip, drink and spiral to where we are once again. 54 more words

She’s Just Crazy

Why is it only men can be a work in progress but women can’t? Men are aloud to be emotionally damaged and play that card for their reckless behavior but women can’t. 75 more words


My Most Recent Health Scare Is No Joke

My Most Recent Health Scare Is No Joke…

It has been just over a week since I wrote anything and there is a good reason.  On Monday, 4/16, I had to have a colonoscopy conducted to check out some digestive issues I’ve been having for a couple months.  346 more words


I Almost Died This Morning

Really truly, no joking.

I felt like I was dying, honestly. Whether it was just my Fibromyalgia or ME or both, it really felt like the end. 712 more words

Chronic Illness

A halt

I feel your ubiquity,

Everytime you halt here.

Your wicked eyes keep,

A cunning-clever watch,

Fearing your safety lost!

There is that past,

Silent, though crying hard. 132 more words