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Broken bones and lessons learnt ( day 2)

Delivery of news….. 3 broken bones…..

Day 2- 1st November 2017.

Being a social bunny and having a pretty active life, I was completely devastated when i was told that i had very successfully broken all three bones of my right foot ( i am not left-handed). 277 more words


Dymonds 🔨

If only she’d known she was close to my last try at love. I wonder if she would’ve welcomed me the way she did. Sending me greetings like it was a business meeting. 324 more words


When the rich wage war,
It’s the poor that die;
While the rich complain in front of their televisions,
It’s the families of the poor that cry. 67 more words


Father's Day

Hello dear reader.

I normally keep my political positions to myself, but I just can’t stay silent about the horror that is going on right now. 397 more words



When you pushed yourself to the brink of exhaustion, I didn’t see it. I never thought anything you did was surprising because it was you, and that’s how you were. 257 more words