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Today I was referred to as a heifer. I truly believe it was in a joking manner; yet I found at the closing of the call when I hung up the phone, it was offensive and “I WASN’T LAUGHING!” In technical term a heifer is a female cow that haven`t bore a calf, but in slang or urban term a heifer is a rude comment implying the person is really hefty, fat and so on and so forth. 258 more words


Guess my hand isn't 'all better' yet

Pulled some weeds this morning, near the mail box. Used the pitchfork to loosen the deeply rooted ones, pulled them and others out. One wheelbarrow full. 38 more words

Every Day Life


grief is peace wrapped in unprocessed pain. ~spirit


5 am - Day 29 

A clock ticks in my head. Birds scream and bells toll. I hear voices, that turn in to noises and I feel close to that feeling of emptiness and un-belongingness. 14 more words


Chapter 10, Day 277: Disaster Day Strikes Again

Today is October 6, 2015 and my life is a series of unfortunate events. I’ve been really excited to finally be able to get my stitches out, and hopefully be back onto the field as soon as possible. 483 more words



“I’m walking dead

because you sucked the life out of me

the last time our lips touched.”

The Wonders of Technology!!!

It is amazing to me that what I write on my Blog is read by anyone….anywhere….all OVER the world!!!  WOW!!!Place into perspective……I was one of the first in my class to be allowed to have the opportunity to have computers!   320 more words