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Turning Flaws into Awes

lovers of art,


only to uncover

apart of


so bright,

induced by the presence

of light into

the start of

a trance

absent yet, 37 more words


I’ll never understand the games people choose to play.
I’ve always thought a life without calculating each move would be far more fulfilling.
A life where my defenses aren’t on high and my pieces being taken out left and right. 20 more words


Bloodied heart. Wasted dreams.

I just can’t shake this love, no matter how much pain it brings.

It’s like a bluebird grounded, with its shattered, tattered wings. 296 more words


You Will Be The Cause

There will be pain

And there will be comfort.

You will be the cause

And recipient

Of both.

Things to remember.

Life Chatter

What I wish People Understood: God broke trust with me, and only God can fix it.

I remember when your miracle came to life, when we all celebrated God’s faithfulness and power.  I sat in the audience watching, as you prayed for their miracle, and God moved through you.  635 more words


Letter of the Unchecked Emotions

Hello again to you all, my dear readers. Let’s skip the introductions this time.

The write-up that you are about to read is about what I am currently feeling in my present living right now. 747 more words


no one warns you

I don’t have kids, I would like to, but I don’t know if it will ever happen. This isn’t really about kids, or having children. Its about finding yourself with teenagers, they aren’t teenagers though. 309 more words