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Road Kill

9 ½ hours in a car yesterday surely rattled something loose. At least that’s what the furry, four-legged muse and I are counting on.

I’m not sure which is worse: apathy or writer’s block? 33 more words


she loved you

she loved you.
she did.
she really did.
but you didn’t mind her.
you wasted her.
and now it’s over.


Emotional hurt

The worst hurt a person can feel is emotional. When a so called friend bullies you or suddenly starts to ignore you for no apparent reason the hurt can be unimaginable. 209 more words


fool's gold

160724; 22:56


he was my shade of gold,
untrue to even hold.

i love you, he once told.
little did I know, I became his fools gold. 16 more words


What Makes a Man?

Recently I was taking a walk when I had an encounter that made me wonder, What makes a man? And do I have what it takes to be one? 1,320 more words


Choosing To Forgive

Years ago a young man chose to do drugs and get in his car and drive. During his drive he struck the car of some dear friends of mine, costing the life of one friend and injuring two others. 617 more words

Women Of The Old Testament