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10 Ways to Eliminate, Reduce, or Minimize Self-Doubt

Living in the effect of one’s root cause is the reason people adapt to bad habits and behaviors in order to mask the problem or pain. 498 more words

Let Me Tell You About People Who Love Deeply

They are wells of feeling. Storms of hope and heart that never know when to stop the downpour. People who love deeply are both soft and strong, they are whirlwinds of rarity that will only ever know how to empty themselves out for the people they love. 531 more words

Morgue Chronicles

I was at the Morgue today; 5 minutes ago to be precise. Today’s trip was different though. I wasn’t going to the cafeteria to buy food neither was I there looking for a nice spot to go pray. 462 more words



I can’t help but walk in silence. The fact that I’m being led down a long dimly lit hallway means nothing in the grand scheme of things. 307 more words



“….. just remember, darling, it is pain that changes our lives.””

~ Steve Martin

Heart Transplant

Despair (an old wound)

I woke up in the middle of the night,
sweating and gasping for air
as reality grabbed me by the throat
and tried to choke me in my sleep.. 212 more words



Another note of sadness from a friend, and then in conjunction a note from another offering support. Interesting juxtaposition. I wonder at our ability to accept pain and our seeming inability to accept healing. 429 more words