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The soft hum of the funeral song breaks you into a thousand pieces. The wails from Aunt Monica propel you into a trance. It scatters the pieces like wind does dust. 514 more words

Eart Songs

Accepting Reality

The term “Rare Disease” suggests unknown territory, complications and no easy answers. That terminology definitely describes my rare bone disease.

My Orthopaedic Specialist appointment today didn’t fully deliver on my previous   542 more words

Bone DIsease


In the world of social network, we stumbled into each other. It seemed like a virtual reality. The instantaneous connection was surreal. You were a dream come true. 557 more words

The Unhappy Manifesto

Despite my best efforts to be a goody two shoes, perfectionist, law abiding young lady from the age of coherence to now, I’ve always apparently just been nothing more than inherently polarizing, without even realizing it was a bigger problem than I thought. 966 more words


I too, have been following the #metoo-movement…

I appreciate that this seems to have a healing effect for some (many?) people. And I appreciate that there are debates, discussions, conversations starting all around, that are valuable and needed. 654 more words



in the wreckage pain is thicker than fog
cutting through with jagged edges
dreams void of hopscotch marks
skinned knees and stitches on cracked teeth… 13 more words


If you really cared...

What’s the difference

when it’s all the same

we go down this road

and come back again

Forgiven you, I haven’t

when it’s caused me all this pain…

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Kait King Poetry