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The roots of sexual violence

Sexual Violence is Horrible, But First Look at Causes Outside the Brain

“At the brain level, empathy for social exclusion of personalized women recruited areas coding the affective component of pain (i.e., anterior insula and cingulate cortex), the somatosensory components of pain (i.e., posterior insula and secondary somatosensory cortex) together with the mentalizing network (i.e., middle frontal cortex) to a greater extent than for the sexually objectified women. 57 more words

Behavioral Economics

An Angel Called Friend.

Sometimes all what you need is a friend, who cares for you, be dedicated to you, cuts time for you & be there for you whenever you need. 24 more words


Scars kiss her arms like brushstrokes in a twisted self-portrait.

Of love, or hate? She is unsure which.

Her body is a canvas, though not quite blank. 194 more words

Tracking my Progress

Today is the second week of my Accutane course.
When prescribed with the drug, I was informed about the dry skin, dry lips , mood swings, dry eyes, joint pain etc. 238 more words


The words are smoke,

frozen around your ears,

whose echoes whisper curses of the underworld


Arthritis Treatment Mumbai

Arthritis is joint disease that affects joints. Joint pain may be a signal for arthritis which can convert into serious problem & your joint can be permanent damage. 72 more words