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Coward's Last Words

I could feel the hands closing in,
Threatening to wrap me in its chokehold.
Cut off from support, feet up in the air,
Despair descends, darkness cloaks my vision. 247 more words



As unhealthy as it was they began to feed off each other’s energy-because that’s the only way they know how,

They’d break up and make up and make love to stay loved-cause that’s the only way they knew now, 79 more words

When Family minimizes your pain ...

Any Chronic Pain Warrior knows this struggle,

It doesn’t matter how many doctors, nurses, specialists, or tests you get, you always have that one (or more) family members that completely refuse to see that you may have something actually wrong with you. 298 more words

Chronic Illness

Learning is Good

I spent this past week being really hard on myself. I felt guilty, ashamed, sad, broken, and just plain awful. I’ve sat (in my own tears) this week thinking about how I unknowingly sabotaged a great relationship and how the critical voice of my mother and ex-husband is painfully and disrespectfully replicated in my own voice when I feel scared. 834 more words

False Accusations

Being accused of something is difficult to handle, but when those accusations are false it really hurts.  Each assault can cut really deep.  What makes these accusations even worse is when the truth is staring the accusers in the face, and yet they choose to ignore it. 204 more words


Year of the Pig

First doctor visit of the year was a success.  Doctor gave me a prescription for muscle relaxers that actually helped SOLVE THE PROBLEM!  Love how she didn’t go for more pain killers or a sedative, but understood how my pain was being created and put a plan together to remove it.   471 more words


What started like a day to remember was progressively becoming a nightmare. Apart from having to run on a severely uneven terrain, the marathon had unseen challenges. 41 more words