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Staying up late,
listening to slow heartbreaking songs,
playing mistakes over and over in your mind,
a thousand ways in which it could have been different, 44 more words




  1. Hurts like crap
  2. Is so, so good
  3. Makes me feel like a damn masochist (see 1 and 2, above)
  4. When I am lying on God’s surgical table and He is ripping into me without a drop of novocaine…
  5. 23 more words


If you’ve nothing left to say
This conversation’s had its day
My useful life has reached its end
It seems it’s time to fade away… 27 more words


Six Word Story #9.

Death became her moment of glory.

Word cue for you is – moment.

Graciously Yours!

P.S. : Which do you think is prettier – dawn or dusk?


When Muses Say Goodbye

Right there in his hands
He’d held the light, finally
Rescue imminent

RISE, love cried loudly
Please don’t shout so, he bemoaned
I’ll just fall down… 82 more words


Your Own Unique Kind Of Broken

when he realised it was horrible out there,
he tried crawling back in, it was just as horrid.
he found out the only way it would be pretty again… 34 more words


And sometimes that silence seems to be killing and stabbing you to death.
It’s painful, sometimes.

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