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Love Like War

T. was my first love. My first real love. The kind of love that was almost unbreakable — through blow up fights, name calling, break ups.. 742 more words


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Of all the people, It’s you that I chose to love, But you broke my heart.

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a loss for words

I have been sitting here for what feels like forever trying to figure out what to title this writing or what to talk about exactly, and to be honest, I have no idea what to say, I just know I have a lot on my mind and things to be said. 493 more words

Epiphany of fire

When you least expect it – you find a person/connection you didn’t expect; then you realize you have found an intensity, passion, & connection set on fire. 368 more words


I survived the pain
the shame
going insane
I survived it all
I didnt fall
Instead I will fly
I will fly free
and Be free to be me


The Pain Game: A Very Basic Anatomical and Physiological Process Review

Pain is an integral part of life. It is an everyday neural process which has the potential to teach individuals and groups. It has be understood, misunderstood and misinterpreted for years. 882 more words


Overuse Injuries: Situational Cause and Effect

Just the title of this article will have people calling it out of date and linguistically incorrect. As evidence begins to pile up with a conclusive directive toward tissue load tolerance and a particular time lapse between the period of initial pain onset and preliminary medical health consultation. 556 more words