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Senseless! Senseless!

“Meaningless! Meaningless!” Says the teacher. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.”

The opening of Ecclesiastes confronts the reader with the notion that the life one lives holds no real value. 688 more words


Songs in my head
Won’t stop.
And stuff.
Words I thread
As you parade
Trespassing every
Nerve I had,
All sacrificed
To the thoughts…

35 more words
String Of Words

Even more kinky stuff from the weekend...

Muggy, misty morning.

I live my life like every day’s my last day. I live like death is just here, just beyond my right shoulder, grinning at me in the dark. 698 more words


when emotional pain

seems meaningless

when physical pain

no longer hurts

when i finally

laugh at myself


And Yet

just wrote this.

A thousand words later, still fighting that old feeling of regret
Watching as the ones I love tear me down with nothing but their tongues… 159 more words

My Guitarist

When I woke up this morning, I grabbed my phone and checked all my social media accounts.

I went through instagram and twitter real quick then proceeded to facebook to check some updates. 121 more words

Just keep running, just keep running....

It has been a while since posting anything on my page. Over the past month I have been sick for 2 weeks with the flu and then spent the last 2 weeks recovery training and trying to get my distance back up before my first ultra at the end of August. 484 more words