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I feel utterly stressed out, almost in a panic. I was pretty shaken up yesterday by what happened with my colleagues. But the exhaustion of the day and walk caught up with me and I thought, oh, I am just tired. 223 more words

I Can't 

I know you are not mine

you want me to it let go

but I can’t, I can’t!
Call me stupid, call me insane

I’ve never felt like this towards anyone…

152 more words

It Was The Woman!!!"

A poem by untold views of our life_admin

It was the woman who nurtures the seed,

It was the woman who gave you birth,

It was the woman who take cares of you, 143 more words


Lost Thoughts of You. 

We had it.

We almost had it.

All those sweet talks, deep conversations, and random thoughts we had in our minds.

I was more attached than you were to me. 578 more words


Keep On Keeping On

Sigh, one of the most difficult things about having a chronic illness is all the new things you develop. My illness started with POTS, but has expanded into an array of new symptoms and syndromes. 226 more words


If you were...

If you were the rain, I’d never take the umbrella…

If you were the sun, I’d never wear the shades…

If you were the wound, I’d never let it heal… 63 more words


One More Time

The last of the three concerts we’d talked about going to is today.  I’ll be honest, I completely forgot about it.  I knew it was coming up, but I hadn’t paid much attention to when.   508 more words