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Scabs conceal

What’s this feeling
that beats deep within
waiting for a chance to breathe
Waiting to see
Waiting to hear

eyes gone blurry
Blind to only the pain… 14 more words


my fight

Raw emotions

Oh how I fight

Once they have their way

I’m left to feel lighter, brighter

Engaged and fearless

They are never gentle with me… 82 more words



*As I’m writing this I’m laying in the boys bed who I like dearly, who I’m not good enough for while he sleeps.*

I’m always apologizing. 622 more words


Men don’t know the pain of mascara stains… Wearing your sorrow on your cheeks like a warrior. Letting the darkness of your soul leak on your skin… 21 more words


Pain and seizures

Medication after medication

To cover up the side effects

Of pain and seizures.

Get depressed, see psychology

A new prescription because

Of pain and seizures. 85 more words


Take Me to the King

I know I’m a little late on the Monday music post, but it’s been a difficult few days. It is ironic because that actually allowed for the perfect song for this week to be presented. 901 more words


Night Of Love

There are questions I can’t ask
There are answers she won’t give
And this damaged quiz called Love
Keeps being perfect.

There are silences I’d never scream… 162 more words