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Do You Over React or Get Upset Easily— It Could be Your Childhood

Do You Over React or Get Upset Easily— It Could be Your Childhood

If you had a particularly difficult childhood, your amygdala will be even more primed to overreaction, and studies have shown that you will tend to have a larger amygdala and be more tightly connected. 123 more words

Self Help

Learning I Matter

Some people grow up in a family that somehow leaves them feeling rejected, discounted, or like they don’t matter. This is often the case where a parent is involved in alcohol or drugs. 588 more words

Adult Children Of Alcoholics

Isn't she damned?

She’s Blue eyed, pale skinned, red haired,

12 year old girl,

yet, has no one to care.

Bare feet, all alone.

Dying for she’s known.

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The Chain Breaker

Wednesday August 21st, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL

    For one million dollars free and clear in unmarked $50 bills, I couldn’t honestly tell you what I did on my 18th birthday. 1,464 more words

D listens to "impulse" (Spoiler Alert: This book has trigger words, proceed with caution!)

Hello readers,

I finished listening to impulse, a teen book, a few weeks ago. I have a short review up on Goodreads.com, but I decided to gather my thoughts before I really committed anything to my blog. 1,070 more words


Missing In Action

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted in awhile. A ten-day siege of kidney stones. Thank you for morphine. But the effects of that palliative plus other drugs have left me feeling, well, drugged. 323 more words

Finding Me ... And You

...the discovery...

The story that Alcir told me, of how he discovered Who he was,
discovered that he was First and Foremost a loner and a diver… 787 more words