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Spring Paint Colors Our Designers Are Loving Right Now

Research has shown that color can in fact affect your mood. So why not create a positive one this spring. Our designers spill their favorite colors and we hope you agree with them! 239 more words


Color Me Happy

Vivian in Pretty Woman had it right…I would like to be colored happy.  As a look around my living room at my navy blue walls I ask myself, do these make me happy?   455 more words

My Favorite Paint Colors

It’s no secret that paint colors can make or break a room.  I’ve had my share of mishaps, and they weren’t pretty ( :  That said, after five homes (soon to be six) and countless paint colors, I finally feel like I have a few go to paint colors that would look great in (almost) any room. 292 more words

Black Doors

Paint colors

Some of my colors that I picked for the main house!

Picking colors is not the easiest. Especially not when you have the whole Atlantic sea in between. 58 more words


Pastel Palette

How I miss my white Easter poncho.  I do not however miss wearing my winter coat over the poncho.  Ah, New England.  It’s foiled so many of my fashion plans over the years.   343 more words

{muted color palettes}

Color schemes don’t always have to be bright or bold to make a statement. Subtle, muted color palettes can provide a timeless beauty and create a clean slate to incorporate whatever new design trends come in the future. 265 more words

Paint Colors

3 tried and true paint colors (and a few other faves)

Anyone who knows me is aware of my borderline obsession love of white. Even my husband only sends me white flowers with touches of green.  It is the question I get asked most often…”what white did you use?” 751 more words

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