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Refresh Your Home with Interior, Exterior & Shutter Paint

Summertime is often when we decide to spruce up our homes, and nothing can give your home’s exterior better curb appeal than a fresh coat of paint. 813 more words


Painting in Geraldton

If you are painting in Geraldton then visit our Paint N Quip Store for all your preparation sealers, sand paper, putty, brushes, rollers, interior and exterior paints for all surfaces.  48 more words


6 Things to Consider when Hiring a Painter

Check for lead paint. If you have a home built before 1978, hire a qualified lead expert to check it out before you begin any work. 367 more words

Days 12 and 13 Campervan Conversion Leave: Painting Pt 2, Priority Reassessment

So, I screwed up the metal bar-ish thing that I painted in the last post.

I had done a first coat of black paint, undiluted as an experiment, the result (when it was still wet on day 11) was orange-peely and gross.   803 more words


Days 10 and 11 Campervan Conversion Leave: First Painting Done (YAY!) and Ceiling Insulation Complete

I painted something!!!  My girlfriend was very encouraging and told me to just do it, so I picked something that was going to be 100% hidden, and had a go.   775 more words


Days 4 to 9 Campervan Conversion Leave: Too busy to blog

It’s the evening of day 9.  I’d like to say that it is because I was working hard from dawn ’til dusk that I didn’t have time to blog until now.   870 more words


Days 2 and 3 Campervan Conversion Leave: A bit of everything to procrastinate painting, and a successful curtain header!

I have suffered a grievous spray-adhesive injury.  After spraying ’til I could spray no more with my right hand on the morning of day 2, I sprayed ’til I could spray no more with my left hand in the afternoon, and woke up on day 3 with muscle strains in my hands and forearms.   957 more words