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Light and Shade

Ever felt frustrated having worked so hard on a painting — only to find it still looks ‘flat’?

Artist Will Kemp offers a start to finish still life lesson. 27 more words

Paint With Acrylic

Drip Painting

Agnes Cecile is back with another brilliant demonstration.  She uses a palette knife to drip paint into free flowing shapes that look remarkably familiar against an all white background.   16 more words

Paint With Acrylic

Acrylic Mediums for Abstract Texture

Today we have a wonderful lesson that offers many pointers on how to make unique and interesting variations in your art.  One of the keys here is loose, variable techniques and paint mixed directly onto the canvas to create a spontaneous look.   35 more words

Paint With Acrylic

Foreground Foliage

Artist Len Hend demonstrates how he uses a double loaded brush to make tree canopy shapes easily and quickly, applying both the dark color and highlights with one stroke.   38 more words

Paint With Acrylic

Natural Clouds

Mural Joe describes his thought process and demonstrates his technique for shaping realistic clouds.  Though you may not be painting a  ceiling mural, this is a great lesson on lighting and form.   6 more words

Paint With Oils

Learn to Leaf Trees

Fall is here in the Northern Hemisphere, and though the trees may all be dropping their leaves, artist Jerry Yarnell shows us a simple technique to create convincing plumes of soft foliage to decorate your canvas landscapes.

Paint With Acrylic

Seamless Acrylic Color Blends

In this paint along lesson, a morning sky lit by the fire of the rising sun provides an opportunity for artist Marc to demonstrate his color blending techniques.   25 more words

Paint With Acrylic