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Beneath the Beautiful Bright Paint Covering Jalouzi

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I still remember that November morning, Moise Street in Petion-ville was under reconstruction. Dust filled the air and provoked my nose to sneeze multiple times. 913 more words


"Athena's Might" - Watercolor

“Athena’s Might” is a watercolor based off of an amalgamation of several different species of owls. Done using watercolor and iridescent watercolor additive. This took me about 15 hours to complete in total and was done as a birthday gift. Fall 2015.


Just between us

There’s been a lot of picking going on here — wall colors, wallpaper and now a piece of furniture. That’s enough to kick up analysis paralysis! 523 more words


How to Paint a Pumpkin

Painting pumpkins to display in or outside your home is a great way to decorate and have family time.


Getting Creative