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Smart graduate cycles to the Belgium via the Channel Tunnel (Rousse)

The best way to avoid the job of painting the new staff common room was to arrive on campus dressed in a suit.

I also had a good excuse that would get me out of this unconventional academic duty: I needed to pop over to Belgium to attend a graduation ceremony with my family to collect my degree. 30 more words

Still Life

After taking a break from oil paints since using them for the first time in January, I decided this past weekend that I wanted to attempt using the paints on my own terms outside of a structured class. 172 more words

Where Creativity Works

Hobby Airbrush spray outfit


The easy way into DIY spraying.

Airbrush kit with adjustable venturi spray pen

Basic 22ml 6 piece easy to use starter set for the beginner… 43 more words

Art by Fabio Sassi


Fabio Sassi makes acrylics and photos using what is hidden, discarded or considered to have no worth by the mainstream. Fabio lives in Bologna, Italy.


Hair Tutorial

Creator: Afdal Leach (The Futuristic5-X)
Date: 13 Jul 2019
Length: 18:59
Level: Basic
Type: Character Design


Tutorial starts at 2:40

Adding hair using the paint tool. This tutorial is silent.

Video Tutorial