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A Little Bit of Orange

Honestly, that “drawinpainting” is not that new, but this is the one for this month of February. ;)

Oh it is just a portrait half-body from an original character and the background I’m using the same from my last one since I hadn’t any patience to draw new clouds this time, but, it is still mine, so it is alright. 8 more words

Blind Rage: Original Artwork

One of my first original works of digital art; this piece is definitely a peculiar one. My inspiration was actually my family. I saw how quickly certain family members were to yell and fight, even though they were completely ignorant. 35 more words


Klimt - "The Kiss" 

Although my blog will mostly consist of book reviews and the like, I wanted to share this with you.

I attended a painting session that is held by one of my work colleagues. 31 more words

Decay #10

This is the Lounge window from the cottage, looking a little the worse for wear when we arrived last time, the spiders had been busy!

The Daily Post – Ten

The Flying Fish Point Mural

This mural that is painted of this building decides what the township of Flying Fish Point Looks like in the 1930s based on the text down below.


Painting #21 - February challenge

Today’s image was a flamingo. Yay. I went with some more swirly vibes for this one, which also sits well with a few of the other paintings in my February collection. 13 more words

February Project

Artist paints goldfish in resin and makes them look realistic

Riusuke Fukahori is a Japanese Artist who uses resin and Acrylic paint to encase his painted fish in eternal pools of water.

He was born in Aichi and attended the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. 201 more words