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7 Cherokee Clans: Paint

7 Cherokee Clans: The Paint Clan

The Cherokee are a matrilineal society.  Children belong to their mother’s clan.



The Paint Clan provide the Naturalists, Sorcerers, or Medicine Men.  22 more words


Custom Painted Shoes

Supplies Needed:

  • canvas shoes
  • fabric paint
  • paint brushes
  • place for paint (I use a paper plate)

First, think of your design idea. I go through lots of different Pinterest ideas before finally settling on a design myself. 216 more words


LACMA - Los Angeles, California

As far back as I can remember visiting art museums has been a tradition between my dad and I. No matter where it was that we were at, there was always a museum, or gallery or store full of art to be visited. 269 more words


Painted Floors

When we moved into our home we had carpet that appeared to be older than we were. Early on we noticed indicators that there might be hardwood flooring underneath this carpet such as adjoining rooms had hardwood and rooms that didn’t were slightly higher. 270 more words


Mano a Mano

Mano a Mano                                           April 2018

Without our hands, there would be no music. There would be no fingers to key the piano or the guitar. No fingers would slide the trombone. 551 more words

Rainbow from the Cloud - Paint Style

SpaceMusicTwo   Paint   EarthDay

Rainbow from the Cloud – Paint Style

Rainbow from the Cloud - Paint Style