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Art weapons 


Now that I am home , and college is over , there will be a lot of painting happening.

Just showing off my favourite paint brush and wooden palette here. 😁


Bikini Detail

“Then there was a fine noise of rushing water from the crown of an oak at his back, as if a spigot there had been turned.

93 more words

The Painting Tool Kit

As a beginner diving into a DIY project, things can get overwhelming, especially with all the different tools to choose from! For painting, you would be correct when you assumed painters require many different tools to make the job easier. 397 more words


Paint Basics 101

Paint departments offer a variety of choices: alkyd, latex, Primer, stain-blocker, and Enamel, Gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell and even flat paint! This can be a bit tough to remember now, can’t it? 1,045 more words


#PersonifyME: Rachel Raee

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The Anxiety Curve

Random chaotic repeating loop.

Modelling madness on a smaller scale.

Harsh lines and trembling breath… 88 more words

Mental Health

Episode Nine – How to Frame a Painting

If you’re like me you’ll have paintings and canvases laying around waiting to be framed. Up until this weekend I thought it was too hard to do, but I gave it a go. 54 more words