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While my 9-year old was watching America’s Greatest Talent, he could not get over a dance contestant his same age.  Same goes for the tween something Olympic high-jump diver from China.  210 more words

The Happy Rock Project

It started as a simple little project to keep the kids occupied on a hot Arizona day. We had gathered a bucket of smooth beach stones on our trip to southern California, and the most logical thing we could think of was to paint them. 451 more words

Summer Challenge: David and Goliath

We returned home yesterday from a family vacation to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. So much fun!

During the trip we even enlisted the whole family to march around inside the cabin for the… 247 more words

Summer Challenge

Here's some great candlestick projects

I love candlesticks. I hate to think how many I have stashed away. In fact, I need to go check that out when I’m done here. 86 more words


Painted rocks: Cactus

You need:

  • 8-9 bigger stones
  • pot
  • sand / smaller stones
  • outdoor paint
  • brush
  • 30 minutes  free time

Step-by-step: 16 more words


Why does "desert" only have one "s"

I woke up super early this morning so I could get moving quickly. The plan was to attempt to make it through the big stretch of empty desert before the peak heat of the day in hopes that my car won’t overheat. 729 more words


Ships, ropes and other things in Denmark

These are called “Strawberries” in Danish (Jordbær). They protect the edges of ships from damages.

Not all ships are in motion today. Most are satisfied with taking a lazy break in a harbor far away. 106 more words