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Stacey-Ann Cole's Beautiful Artwork


Hi my name is Stacey-Ann Cole and I am a watercolour artist.  I spend a lot of time creating the type of art that I would like to see more of and I especially enjoy painting black women who are embracing their natural selves.  196 more words

Sirenes Exceptional Artwork at bGallery





Sirenes was born in 1966, live and work outside Oslo, Norway. In 2011 Sirenes had her first solo exhibitions. In 2013 Sirenes has participated in 7 exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Norway, Canada and New York. 73 more words

Auriol Luckhurst shows her exceptional talent on www.bgallery.co.uk





Auriol is a self- taught artist with the support of books, DVD’s and experience. She has developed a passion for colour and detail, beginning with watercolors, which she believes will always be her first love, but she wanted to try other mediums as well. 80 more words

Gabriela Pickett - Artist and Activist

When I told a friend I was visiting the studio of artist Gabriela Pickett, she told me I was in for a treat.  “When I first saw it,” she said, “I wanted to bring a sleeping bag and just live there.” 421 more words

Suki Kyme's Passionate Artwork ...




I am passionate about colour and texture, trees and water, so any or all of these can be found in my art work. 136 more words

Artist Dawn Rodger at bGallery

I became interested in art at an early age. It was the thing I was known to be good at while at school; it made it okay to be shy, quiet and not so confident about sport or my scholastic abilities. 204 more words

The Unique Artwork of Albertus Joseph at bGallery


This art thing is something and somewhere between a curse and gift… Between a need and lifestyle. I don’t think anyone wakes up in the morning and says to themselves, ” I’m gonna be an artist!”…. 174 more words