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February 13th in history:

American painter Grant Wood was born in Iowa on February 13th, 1891. Wood created the famous 1930 painting “American Gothic,” showing a farmer and his daughter standing outside their house. 83 more words

Artist Birthday Quiz for 2/12~

Although this photographer realized that he lacked the talent to be an accomplished artist, he remained an amateur painter throughout his life.

In 1937 this painter’s work was included in Entartete Kunst, the Nazi exhibition of so-called “degenerate art.

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Artists' Birthdays

[ART] 7 Things to Like about Jacob Lawrence

It’s Black History Month!  And that’s no excuse not to know some things about famous artists who exemplify Black Excellence! So let’s dive right in and talk about 7 things to like about Jacob Lawrence!!! 572 more words

Dale Grimshaw

Dale has established himself over a period of years as being one of the most respected and individual artists on the London art scene. He has contributed to the Street Art scene with a series pieces that he has created throughout Europe. 22 more words