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Art: Love will tear us apart

Sometimes I can’t think of anything to work on. Inspiration ebbs low, and I find myself bouncing off the walls waiting to be struck by lightning. 117 more words


Karen Gaetz's Beautiful ArtWork


Karen Gaetz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, right on the doorstep to the Rocky Mountains.  This led to her love of nature and the outdoors.   143 more words

I have had a connection to art as far back as I can remember. I kept coloring books like diaries. They managed to stay with me through moving across the country every couple of years during my childhood. 367 more words


The story of 'Frank' By Artist Roy Meats .........


The start of something BIG?   By Roy Meats

Chapter One

……Frank is a scarecrow from Gloucester.  He was well looked after for years and was a happy scarecrow.    656 more words

Liz Vaughan's Splendid Artwork


Art has been a long and exciting journey for me. For years I painted traditional pictures beautiful landscapes of lakes and mountains etc. I taught art, held exhibitions of my own work and arranged them for other painters, my work is in collections in France and Spain and last year was approached to exhibit in New York and Greece I realised that I had become profoundly bored with painting in an ‘acceptable’ way that has always been an english tradition. 242 more words

Sketches of various animals

Here’s the weekly sketch. A bunch of random animals (and birds,… always birds!)

Enjoy, and have a nice week !