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Tony Taylor's Stunning Landscapes



Tony painted in oils for many years but it was not until he retired in 1991 that he took up watercolours seriously. Since then, he has taught this medium at the College of Further Education, run his own Winter Evening Classes and Week-end Workshops, given demonstrations to local groups and societies, as well as provide work for his annual exhibitions. 199 more words


Work hard, but also take a break now and then!


Stunning Artwork of Nicola Colbran Freeman



Inspired by light, nature and my travels.

I paint in a variety of mediums.  Oil being my favourite, however I also work in watercolour and pastel. 158 more words

Ted Barr's Unique Artwork

Painting the celestial sky brings to mind questions of the origins of life. Thoughts of conception, pregnancy and birth evoke similar wonderment of the initial moments of life. 143 more words

Gillian Holding's Poignant Artwork


Life and Art blog www.gilliansblog.wordpress.com

on Twitter @gillianholding and Facebook as Gillian Holding Visual Artis

Gillian Holding’s work reflects everyday encounters with the mundane and the familiar. 189 more words

Hammershøi: The Silent Quietness

Ida Reading a Letter (before 1916)

The Tall Windows (1913)

Interior with Young Woman from Behind (1904)

Portrait of a young woman. The artist’s sister Anna Hammershøi… 50 more words