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Complexity (2017)

A new acrylic on paper.  This one captures the essence of the space I was in while creating it.  Truly lost in the sounds of jazz and the pleasure of a little wine.  17 more words

Love for a Place

Art: Josie Merck
Mansion Beach, New Shoreham, Rhode Island

Oh, my poetry-loving readers, you are in for a treat! Praised by poets Lisa Starr and Naomi Shihab Nye and US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, among others, a book of paintings and poems that captures a powerful love of a place just became available. 334 more words

Sydney Long, Australian painter

Sydney Long (1871 – 1955) was an Australian artist. People talk about “Art Nouveau”, or “Symbolism”. You’ll read plenty about him.

What I like is… I know it’s not great, but I constantly come back to see a little more. 24 more words

Ray Eames: Born December 15, 1912

Ray-Ray was the nickname given to Bernice Alexandra Kaiser by her family. Beyond that, little is known of her childhood in Sacramento, although Ray’s artistic talent was evidently recognized early on.

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Artists' Birthdays

Artist Birthday Quiz for 12/15~

What German-born Dutch artist constructed his most famous work — a photomontage created from a collage of two hundred photographs, prints, and postcards pasted and arranged on a secondary support — in 1923? 42 more words

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