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Artist Birthday Quiz for 5/5~

This Philippine painter is best remembered for painting landscapes, portraits, and everyday scenes with people depicted as simple yet regal in their daily activities.

This artist worked on the classic ‘Mickey Mouse’ newspaper strip, and is the artist that shaped Mickey’s comics character and gave him his first big adventures.

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Choosing a Good House Painter in Mesa, AZ

Choosing a Good House Painter in Mesa, AZWhen you paint your home…

Artist Birthday Quiz for 5/4~

What contemporary ceramicist has been awarded a Fellow of the RCA and an OBE, and seeks to stretch the definition of the pot by exploring the relationships of form and surface? 28 more words

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The Controversial Art of Oh de Laval

Here I am, in a bright and sunny day inside the darkness of the metro, going to meet Oh de Laval at popular neighborhood Strasbourg St Dennis, my head is full of thoughts intrigued by the mysterious personality of this young Polish painter, I have been talking with her through Facebook during the last month and a half, trying to step inside her world to imagine the best way to photograph her. 1,371 more words