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Hobby Goals 2018

Without wanting to make too many excuses, 2017 was probably one of my worst years for hobby activity all round. I’ve had reasons for this, mostly as I changed career path a couple of years back and this has resulted in a need to return to studying which had significantly eaten into my free time. 744 more words

Blood Bowl

Painted Gupps

These cute little chaps are Gupps, part of my Malifaux Neverborn crews. They hold the Swampfiend keyword and are therefore arguable thematically linked with Zoraida; however she doesn’t interest me and I’m not really a big fluff player anyway. 177 more words

Painting And Modelling

Welcome to the (new) Man-cave

My stint in limbo is finally over as me and my fiance have finally moved into our new house! After several exhausting days of getting unpacked and squaring stuff away, I managed to find the time to set up my little piece of hobby paradise. 99 more words


Painted Doppelganger

This is the Doppelganger for my Malifaux Neverborn crews. She has a number of useful toolbox abilities such as Ill Omens allowing one to cheat initiative and particularly the always-valuable Don’t Mind Me to enable interactions even when engaged. 170 more words

Painting And Modelling

Painted Mature Nephilim

This big chap is a Mature Nephilim for my Malifaux Neverborn. As you can probably tell from the appearance, Mature Nephilim are unsubtle murder machines best suited for use as some kind of linebreakers. 199 more words

Painting And Modelling

Reaper Primarch of the XIVth

This blog gets more and more 40k love as the new Death Guard models are released. I’ve finally finished working on Mortarion, the Daemon Primarch of Nurgle! 1,508 more words

Painting And Modelling