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Working with air dry clay tutorial part 3: Dealing with resin related problems

Now lets talk about resins. I usually add a layer of resin to the eyes and lips of my air dry creations to give them a more natural look. 451 more words


Artfully: Day 5

Now you will see what I can do with a digital painting, still working on the idea for my son, this is Rex, the golden retriever. 149 more words


Self Portrait 2014 (hours 0-9 and Development of Eyes)

I’ve started working on the self portrait I plan to enter in the Jerry’s Artarama self portrait contest in April. Fingers crossed that I complete it in time! 193 more words


New Lion Painting - begining the oils

After the tonal under-painting has dried it’s is time to start the oil painting stage. as most of you are familiar with I will be using W&N Alkyd oil paints from this stage to the end. 82 more words


The eyes! They follow me around the room y'know!

Whats this?

2 Posts in 1week? It’s like i’ve turned into some sort of crazy-mad whirlwind of stuff!

Well, not really, just had a bit of a productive week. 386 more words


Saturday Finds

It’s Sunday, not Saturday, the morning after the morning after Halloween, and we have chocolate leftovers. I’m a happy person. Not that we are at all stingy with the goodies — we’re not. 315 more words


Tutorial: Painting the Eye

I put together a new tutorial, but due to the size of it I’m hosting it on my Deviant Art account. Just follow the image link to the left and click on the tutorial to enlarge. 125 more words