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Painting Process!

I’ve been working in gouache lately, which requires a bit of a learning curve after using nothing but watercolors for a few years. To get the hang of it, I’ve been doing some small portraits. 64 more words

Getting Outside My Head

The Process

When creating art there are several steps that I enter, go through and exit. One quickly merges into the next and into the next and before I know it I’m in the home stretch of completing a painting. 368 more words

Abstract Art

Rewilding: The Process

I’ve had a break from blogging for the past month. With one exhibition going on display, and another in the works, things have been pretty busy. 303 more words


Planned Spontaneity?

Is it better to have a painting planned out completely before starting? Or is it better to charge right in and see what happens? Honestly there is no right or wrong way. 856 more words

Sam Claflin and My Messy Desk

It’s my first time ever to paint a portrait of a male subject and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out even though it doesn’t really resemble him. 204 more words


The Lady in Blue

For the last couple of weeks I have been painting a portrait of this women in blue.  I thought that it might be a fun thing to show how the process works.   187 more words


Small format Trying to Contain the Anger #5

In this version I isolated the face and upper body of the figure. The colors I used were mostly warm. I wanted the position of the hands and the face to convey emotion, not the vigorous brushstrokes or saturated colors I  usually use. 87 more words