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Death Reaper: Process

For my first post, I thought it might be fun to record snapshots of my painting process. I’ve been experimenting with turning traditional sketches into digital paintings lately. 86 more words


Paintings of landscapes #1

The winter drama of Lake Michigan is often truly astonishing. A prolonged, ripping nor’easter with 15 to 20 foot waves really piles up the ice along the shore. 157 more words

Paintings of shadows #2

This next go round with shadows was no accidental find as in my previous post. I had a wonderful studio in an old building with exposures facing east, north and west. 107 more words

Birch Forest Song: the final painting

And here is the final piece!

When I showed the preliminary drawing to the friend who commissioned the piece, she said that she liked the new composition, but that she would prefer it without the leaves on the forest floor. 141 more words


Paintings of shadows #1

I took a brief foray into abstraction to paint some shadows. This pattern was on the ceiling of my bedroom one afternoon when I woke up from a nap. 117 more words

Still life #9: Rotring 600 fountain pen

This is the latest installment of my still life series and is yet another way of looking for balance between “realism” and “abstraction(ism?).” The color choices were inspired be my recent study of Mondrian and it took quite a few tries to come up with this arrangement. 81 more words

Paintings from selfies #2

The painting in my prior post worked out well enough that I asked some friends to take some selfies for this series. I used the same technique as before, grisaille, many layers of glazes and background colors straight from the tube. 116 more words