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Autumn Rain II

Once I got the technique that I wanted to implement, it was time to tackle the full 18″x24″ blank canvas that I had been saving for this very painting commission, a painting inspired by my original “Autumn Rain.” 144 more words

Distracted by Goblins

I started the year with a few good plans.  Painting projects I was ready to start working on and hopefully finishing this year.  I mentioned one (Barry the Bat) already.   280 more words

Creepy Cute

New Work

Finished these last week amidst all the snow and gray skies…(don’t get me wrong, not complaining, the snow was fabulous and I may have discovered that our home needs more than one sled…this Southern girl learned that sledding is really fun! 30 more words

Enter the serpent

I have found that there are some paintings that just paint themselves (ie 10 X 8, Elle’s portrait). No matter what you do the paint lands in the right place, the right color, the right thickness….it’s all just so fast and easy. 93 more words

Some studies 25-31 jan 2016

I want to share with you one of my process of starting a painting. I could apply it to any subject matter. You need to analyze your subject and dissect it into basic elements: value, composition, light, color and texture. 25 more words


The Intuitive Painting Process

2016 has started with a steady flow of creative energy, for that I am profoundly grateful! I struggled a little in 2015 which was, on a personal level, a very bittersweet year and one which I’m not sad to see end.   539 more words

The struggle

Struggling…..Chris always laughs when he sees my sad face and says “you do this every painting…it’s your process”….lol! It always seems to work out….somehow….