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Someone’s avoiding brushing teeth


In the neighborhood

I am everywhere and nowhere..

Creatively speaking I hit a rough patch recently,  I arrived at the point without a desire to create and my attempts to paint went awry.   178 more words

The painting process of "Aurora Borealis Rain"

Here are several photos in succession of the phases of the painting process of creating the oil painting “Rainy Moment 16 (Aurora Borealis in Rain”). 152 more words

Studio Views

Baby it's Cold Outside

While it’s been cold and snowy outside here in London and elsewhere I have been working on a two week figure pose.  It has been a while since I did figure in my weekly classes and I have been feeling a little rusty.   141 more words

"Planetary" - New painting

So the other day I started a new painting with rainbow space art in mind, and I went to work on this painting.

it’s not quite as rainbowy as I had in mind but ohwell, it’s okay I guess. 106 more words


Anger #13, Learning Process

This is a larger format that what I’d been using, 52″ h x 48″ w or 132cm x  122cm. Slightly different approach. I wanted it to seem like she was coming out of the darkness but its hard to see here. 107 more words


Tips on Painting Mindfully

I recently completed a painting of a rose and I’ve been sharing part of the processes on my Instagram. I gained so much satisfaction during the whole process of painting it, which was unusual for me because I tend to get impatient and take long breaks between painting session to avoid a sort of painting fatigue. 842 more words

Botanical Art