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Painting Process: Mini acrylic painting - It always seems impossible until it's done.

Hey cuties! Today I’m sharing some process pictures for my most recent painting, “it always seems impossible until i’s done”. Below are a some images showing the painting in various stages of completion and a little bit of info about what’s going on in each one… 232 more words


Insight into process

I’m not sure if this will be of interest. But I thought I’d show you what I was looking at for one of the paintings. Note the blue sky, which was so very welcome: 65 more words

Get There From Here

That's What I'm Talking About

Today’s watercolor experiment:

Yesterday I briefly talked a little bit about the difference between photography and painting, the way I see it. I take some photographs as reference, intended to be used as the basis of a painting, and others as photographs.  480 more words

Personal Stories

Painting progression - Mo Anam Charaid


A work in progress

I always think it’s interesting to see how artwork develops over time and to see the process that the artist goes through. Some start with pretty wacky colours and bold strokes and work in detail in layers; others begin in one corner and work their way across the canvas. 70 more words


Challenge Accepted!

Tonight I decided to paint a little portrait sketch without blending on the canvas. I decided to do this because recently my work has lacked the freshness and decisiveness of clean direct correct paint strokes. 194 more words

Abigail Howe

3 Hour Figure Sketch

I worked on this sketch for approximately 3 hours, chances are not likely that I’ll work back into it, but if I do I’d work on the background and feet. 26 more words