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A relaxed painting Monday

Today I was invited by artist Hanny Barth in her studio & gallery in my neighborhood to paint together. It was very inspiring and a nice relaxed painting Monday with a lot of good conversation and a great creative atmosphere. 247 more words

Carsten Wieland

Robot vs. Artist 🤖🎨

For me, computer work and studio work are two veeeery different, but very important parts of being an artist. Unfortunately, I don’t navigate between them very well.  277 more words

Meghan Oona Clifford

#1 of 5 Top Things Art Has Taught Me

Art has taught me invaluable things about myself and life, but I am going to highlight what I think are the five most important things I’ve learned from painting over the next couple weeks. 632 more words


Art is often considered a luxury.

In old churches however art has a really practical purpose: To tell stories to those who can’t read.  I like that! 411 more words


Time Lapse NYC painting

It looks like I’m not adding anything to the canvas.

It’s going to the Carré d’Artistes gallery in Beruit.

It’s not nearly done.

Paris Today

House By The Lake (Making Of)

I finally finished this piece on my easel. It took me some time because I wanted to film the painting process for my project and because I wanted to work in several layers – that means a lot of time for drying inbetween. 345 more words

Carsten Wieland

Painting the California Coastline - Part 1

I’m working on an art collection inspired by the Central Coast area of California in and around San Luis Obispo county.  While I’ve been living in Morro Bay for a couple of months, I’ve been especially inspired by the ocean and the colors that form where the sky meets the water on the horizon. 369 more words