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What Matters Most

I think abstract art often fits within the description written by James Hollis in What Matters Most:  Living a More Considered Life. Of course he’s talking about life purpose, but I think it translates well to abstract art: 196 more words

Artmaking Process

No words. Just

Art and Soulie hands in action

in the recent 

Art Heart Path


Creative Process

Applied Washes

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I started today’s experiment with an idea to execute a circular watercolor wash. However, I could not control both the curvature and the flow of pigment from the brush, at the same time. 120 more words

Personal Stories

Panting process of a Parisian cityscape

This is one of the Parisian cityscapes I’m currently working on.

I use oil paint. After drawing the cartoon, I block in colors using a very liquid mix of pigments that I mix on the palette and my own secret medium.   241 more words


Sur la route | On the road

J’ai fermé mon atelier de peinture de rêves et je suis reparti sur la route des petits carrés, une démarche de raisonnement et d’introspection qui s’exprime par des lignes et des points «essentiels». 84 more words


b l u e

BLUE was created with a sense of glee, because I set out to drop a part of my education, which was, “never paint with straight up WHITE!” It was absolutely an adventure of painting with white, disregarding what I was taught. 12 more words