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Underpainting...what is it good for?

What is underpainting, and do you really need it? Underpainting is a way to give your painting an initial layer. It can provide a foundation for your painting and can be used to set a tone or build in some contrast. 264 more words

Gapstow Bridge, Central Park

Just us and the tourists on a beautiful April afternoon.

Drama through sunlight and fun shadows, budding trees, cherry blossoms, skyline with buildings, some figures—this painting pretty much hit all of the goals I set for myself with this image. 79 more words


Weekly Painting Week 89- really small horses...

Aim small, miss small. This painting is 5 x 7″, so as important what to leave out as to leave in. I am reading Carol Marine’s awesome book about daily painting, so maybe time to switch to a daily blog- yikes! 13 more words

Weekly Painting

Weekly Painting Week 88- Hey Betty! Surfer Girl

Summer is coming! I love how the color of the ocean is changing in the brighter light of Spring- more blue, less grey.  Completed this painting this week on a gesso board in a wood cradle- very stiff to paint on, but very smooth and glossy finish. 21 more words

Weekly Painting

Weekly Painting Week 87 Horse Dream

I draw them, I paint them, I think about them. This is from a dream I had about them- Horse Dream, 20 x 24″ Oil on Canvas.

Weekly Painting


It’s beautifully warm and sunny outside and I stayed inside to paint.

Inspiration, when it strikes, overrules everything, so I needed to finish this painting before taking advantage of the nice weather. 162 more words


Left Bank Residency: day 8


If I begin to think about the amount of surface to be painted between now and close of play Wednesday, it seems impossible. “How can I have done so little this morning?” Then I think of it five minutes later and it seems perfectly feasible. 136 more words