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Variety- Intervals and Shapes

Nature has infinite variety. Yet the more you observe it and learn about it, you see there are “rules” which govern the seemingly chaotic look of things. 467 more words

The Landscape Atelier

Still life #2 - Progress and questions

It was true that my first still life was a bit schizophrenic in its lighting and had some weird boob pimples, but it really wasn’t terrible. 588 more words

Learning To Paint

And she's off! Rogue painting #2

Now that I knew how to shade, I figured the world was my oyster (and hey, the world was just a ball — and now… 962 more words

Learning To Paint

Finally getting real! Shading and blurring

At this point, I was already beginning to get a bit bored of our subject matter. It was bad enough that we were being forced to go back to the time before God invented color, but did we need to go back to when the world was flat as well? 346 more words

Learning To Paint

Why do we paint like we do?

In the few weeks I’ve been painting, I’ve realized how little I know about even its most basic tenets. I didn’t know — and now do — how to tone a canvas, how to clean and preserve my brushes, even how to hold a paintbrush. 545 more words

Learning To Paint


If you are not aware of what is imprimatura, you have come to the right place. Let’s find out what’s imprimatura and benefits of using this technique while painting 167 more words


So it's not like spreading peanut butter? Laying down your paint

I’m a big fan of expressive painters like Carole Marine¬†and Patti Mollica, and if you’re one of those people who can sit down for an hour or two, pile on the paint with a palette knife, and come away with something like… 436 more words

Learning To Paint