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Going over to The Dark Side

I’ve got a fair amount finished on the underpainting of the second version of my still life.  It’s feeling very dark.  Rembrandt dark.  That was the plan though; keeping the rest of the painting dark and softened in detail, so the central focal point of light effects on the small pitcher will “pop.”  But I’m used to using all the vibrant colors that acrylics are known for.  149 more words

Still Life

Garden Ecstacy - a video of two paintings

These paintings were painted side by side in the heat of July in my garden here in Nova Scotia.

I picked a big bouquet of flowers and set them up outside, where I prefer to paint. 176 more words

Flora Doehler

Paint Brush Hairs and Bristles

After knowing your paintbrushes, this is another part that needs to know about Brush Hair and Bristles.

Paint brushes are either made from natural hairs or synthetic hairs… 425 more words


Impasto... why, though?

I’ve written before about why I tend to paint in an impressionist style, but I don’t think I’ve gone into much detail about the various techniques that I like to use.  322 more words


Painting Purple June Flowers - a new video

There is nothing so representative of this province in June as wild lupin flowers! They grow everywhere here – in ditches and in fields. 116 more words

Flora Doehler

Painting personality

One of the things that I most enjoy about painting animals is trying to make the subject look like a real creature with a life of its own. 302 more words


Watercolour demo: Cloud, mountain and sunlight.

This painting I did early in the morning before going to work. I was feeling low on dopamine (happy hormone), So I thought making a painting would give me quick dosage of dopamine. 10 more words