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Paper Test

June Dusk at the Philharmonic in the Park

I’ve been taking a lot of walks and taking a lot of photographs and nothing is inspiring me right now. 284 more words


And here is my watercolor ‘creation’ of my niece, Olivia while ‘playing’ on the plane, coming home from a Family Reunion in Santa Barbara….. Love how it came out. 31 more words


The Japanese Garden in April

A million reasons to break out the pinks and reds

Paintings are often great teachers. For me, there’s the initial falling in love with a photograph and the subsequent study of the subject, especially the light. 351 more words


What is Indirect Painting? Part II

In Part I on this topic we explored the history of indirect painting. In this post, we’ll look at why indirect painting is different from direct painting – why it creates a different “look” and how it can be used to create an extraordinary range of optical effects. 468 more words

Art History

Exploring Video

I recently began filming myself painting with the intention of producing ‘painting in progress’ videos. It has been a steep learning curve and if I’m being honest, setting up and maintaining recording equipment can be rather obstructive to the painting process. 494 more words

Acrylic Painting

What is Indirect Painting? Part I

Most of you are direct painters. This is the primary way that oil painting has been taught for the last century or so, although indirect painting held sway prior to that. 657 more words

The Landscape Atelier

You Will Find Your Place

Go where you’re happiest

Recently I came across a newspaper piece that mentioned a common French expression: Vous allez trouver votre place. You will find your place. 234 more words