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Magnolia Plaza

Beauty comes and goes so quickly at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

At this time of year, each day brings new blossoms and all the gardens I pass change shape daily. 225 more words


Exuberant Energies at Work

In Opus 1665, I am using a paper I usually don’t paint on. Its very lightweight,  less than 130 Kg/m2 and does not take the same degree of textural effects as what I usually work on.   18 more words

Erik ReeL

Unlocking Old Secrets II {Painting Progression}

While I’m working on the website facelift, it leaves less time for blogging, so this one will be shorter than normal. BUT I’m super excited about the new website look and I can’t wait to launch it! 221 more words


A Wednesday at Daffodil Hill

A color-renewing excuse to visit Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Spring’s late this year, spring will be early next year. All I know is that it’s here and every day of warmth and sun brings enough magnificent flowers and fragrance— have we all forgotten about winter yet? 165 more words


Opus 1663

You can see that I was on quite a roll from opus 1660 to 1663.  Since the general process per painting takes at least about 5 days due to drying and setting times of the paint,  I tend to work on several, up to a dozen, at a time, . 41 more words

Erik ReeL

Travelogue: The View from My Roof in Rome

While waiting for Spring, I return to Rome in a painting

I’ve wanted to paint this view from the moment I snapped a photograph of it back in June from the rooftop restaurant of my hotel near Piazza del Popolo. 263 more words


While Gene and I were in Los Angeles staying with our granddaughter while her parents went to Korea to get their new adopted son, we were able to go to 5- LA museums! 114 more words