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Weekly Painting Week 87 Horse Dream

I draw them, I paint them, I think about them. This is from a dream I had about them- Horse Dream, 20 x 24″ Oil on Canvas.

Weekly Painting


It’s beautifully warm and sunny outside and I stayed inside to paint.

Inspiration, when it strikes, overrules everything, so I needed to finish this painting before taking advantage of the nice weather. 162 more words


Left Bank Residency: day 8


If I begin to think about the amount of surface to be painted between now and close of play Wednesday, it seems impossible. “How can I have done so little this morning?” Then I think of it five minutes later and it seems perfectly feasible. 136 more words


Painting students are often encouraged to think of Nature in terms of shapes of color and value. That is a useful idea because it helps to build a solid foundation of design, value structure and drawing into our paintings. 715 more words

Art History

Old Window

The century-old window came with plenty of character.

This section of my 100-year-old dining room window hadn’t been opened in the 25 years that I’ve lived in the house for fear that it might not close properly or the glass would fall and break or something like that. 201 more words


Travelogue: Return to Wicklow

A painting to celebrate memories from a trip taken years ago.

St. Patrick’s Day a month ago: I stumbled upon photos from a wonderful trip to Ireland, November, 2004. 137 more words


Weekly Painting week 85 Surfer

Another small format painting in preparation for a larger work. Green Room, 5 x 7″

Weekly Painting