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Gyres, small [from Yeats]

This is a small painting 9″ x 12″ or 23cm to 30.48 cm. This is approaching what I originally wanted for the gyres. It is less orderly, a bit messier. 179 more words


Wet or dry? Watercolours 101

When I started painting with watercolours, there was one technique that I hadn’t even thought of using. It really blew my mind. 

It is the reason you see beautiful colours dissolving into each other in watercolour paintings. 254 more words


Holiday Shows - the Excitement and the Decisions, and the more Decisions!

There are many busy artists out there this week furiously getting ready for the next seasonal art and craft show and I, for one, am feeling a mixture of excitement and frazzle. 289 more words

Flora Doehler

Finger Painting

I had a dream a week or so back.

It wasn’t particularly odd. I didn’t feel like I was somehow out of place and didn’t recognize my surroundings. 452 more words


How to fix mistakes on an acrylic painting

When you start painting you will inevitably make some mistakes. The dimensions will be wrong, the colours won’t look as you imagined them, you’ll splash paint accidentally etc. 541 more words


How to paint with watercolour and salt

Using salt with watercolours is a great way to add texture to your paintings. The salt absorbs the colour leaving shapes that can look like clouds, spots or even leaf veins. 231 more words


Going over to The Dark Side

I’ve got a fair amount finished on the underpainting of the second version of my still life.  It’s feeling very dark.  Rembrandt dark.  That was the plan though; keeping the rest of the painting dark and softened in detail, so the central focal point of light effects on the small pitcher will “pop.”  But I’m used to using all the vibrant colors that acrylics are known for.  149 more words

Still Life