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Patterns Series

Art and writing became the outlet when emotions overwhelm me.

I find myself pouring myself into creativity and exhaustion, transforming thoughts into concrete symbols and patterns through art and poetry. 273 more words


Death Stare

Absolutely terrifying nun holding a sword.

22 more words


Mandarin Duck

The mandarin duck is an incredibly colourful duck species found in East Asia.┬áThe adult male has a red bill, large white crescent above the eye and reddish face and “whiskers”. 224 more words


painting on pebbles and new tictail shop

Hello everybody! I can’t believe it’s almost two years since my last post. But I want to make up for neglecting this poor blog of mine so stay with me. 594 more words


The Experiments Continue

If anyone had told me five years ago that I’d now have an urge to experiment with acrylics, ink and other media like this, I’d have laughed them out of town. 108 more words