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The 'Cool' Dude

Painted years ago. Does anybody know who this is? I have no idea where it came from – i.e. to whom it makes reference. 9 more words


Rainy Day

I thought that the tropical storm was gone. But the TV said that it is still hanging over our area. At least our hydrangea are very happily blooming. 44 more words


Tribal Man

I painted this without a reference! Yay!
I didn’t get to take process pics though so that sucks. But it’s amazing how much the hand remembers from drawing practise. 233 more words


falling back to earth ...

My most recent painting, shown below, is another mixed-media on paper (approx 55x44cm), titled ‘Falling back to earth’, but one which took me rather by surprise. 175 more words


Lætitia in Gold

May do a limited series of this image from the retained stencil. 6 more words


Painting: Sailing In The Evening

One of my old Paintings did it around 8 Years ago..
Title: Sailing In The Evening
Artist: Me, Kenak
Medium: Oil on Strawboard
Dimensions: 20 x 24 inches… 21 more words