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Three Hundred and Sixteen! 

My dad said “hey look it’s the Travelocity Gnome” but I’d like to think my guy is a bit more interesting! The snow that has been completely consuming my life inspired the landscape and although it was not intentional the sky appears to be my interpretation of an aurora borealis. 10 more words

Calla Fogarty

How to rescue a painting with Zentangles

Have you ever finished a painting and thought that it just needed something else to make it stand out and just wasn’t working? Here is an idea I use add an abstract effect to one of those paintings. 79 more words

How To


“It is the distance that prevents them from seeing one another. Even one meter is a distance, even one second is.”


My Windows Are Open For You

We visited this art museum and I was admiring the paintings and the finishing of the interior walls when I came across this.


Awake, Creative Sleeper

It’s been a while since I’ve painted anything. My creative spirit has been neglected in my pursuit of relevance.

I can’t waste precious time anymore. I have to reawaken the artist in me. 125 more words

Art Journaling

Disputed Episodes (Installation View No.5)

Disputed Episodes (from left to right) Verse (The First Sister Part One,) Verse (The First Sister Part Two), Southfield, Verse (The First Sister Part Three) and Stronghold (Theoretical), Stagecraft / Scenography No. 36 more words


Mama's Lilies

Small acrylic painting of iris flowers at the home of relatives in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Acrylic on Canvas
10” w x 8” h

Lisa Sargent