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S. And the Kylin Chi Lin

This is one of the paintings I’m compelled to do of my family. I hope this brings her good luck! It isn’t quite finished yet…


the golden bird

Random strokes of your consciousness, slowly make out the bird in the clouds as it flies and brings gold off its page of lines and color. 214 more words

Jana Kuvalja

Bosnia and Herzegovina Untitled III, 2016 Acrylic on Canvas 143 x 80cm

Not for Sale 

Fragile Express

My future abode

I’m a diva to the bone- crazy about the real bourgeois feeling with dark colors, heavy velvet/silk curtains, wooden board flooring and industrial windows. Also I’m a sucker for the artsy chaos you see in the magazines, but find it hard to stop when the look is just right and end up with a bohemian look instead. 78 more words


Bird In A Blossom Tree

Type: Acrylic Painting
Dedication: 1 Day
Date: 23/10/2016