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A Voice

I close my eyes and exhale. The room is quiet, soundless. My breathing makes no sound. It seems the air has been stripped of the ability to carry sound waves. 558 more words

Misc. Stuffs

The Beauty of Friendship (Dedicated to a Friend)

I cry, you’d cry
We’d dry each other’s eyes
And if you smile, I’d smile
And we’d be laughing for awhile

You lead, I’ll follow… 114 more words


The Perfect Margarita

Take an ounce of Humor
And strain out some sense
It won’t be needed for a night like this
Here you can add dash of regret… 159 more words


I Believed They'd Change

I believed in you

But only for a moment

Supporting everything you’d do

I believed in you

Gave you a second chance, all I wanted was the truth… 22 more words


Moving Forward from the Storm


Something that’s taken over my mind,
Like a storm that takes over the sky
And pushes the light aside.
Blinding my path ahead
And leaving my sanity behind. 204 more words


I Did It All For You

I’ve played the drums of sorrow
I’ve walked the road of dreams
The time I have is borrowed
And all I owe is me.
Maybe one day I can stop this… 100 more words