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Painting On A Tea Set

So today we’ve had a fun activity with Liv! She was not at all in a mood to go anywhere anymore in the afternoon, so I came up with this funny idea- yes, as you may have guessed it (since the title says so)- Let’s paint on our tea set! 635 more words

Painting with all the colours of the Wind (or in this case, ice cube tray)

So as I have pointed out, I enjoy attempting (sometimes with Martha Stewart precision, sometimes with the ability of a monkey) creating some of the things I find on Pinterest. 270 more words


april paints

something in a picture

and the cover

and the wall of frame

and thought of the lense

and mask so well

and all into the power… 47 more words


Vegan Art Supplies, part 3: corrections

Okay, let’s try this again.

Despite what Daniel Smith are saying, it’s highly unlikely that their paints are made with only pigment and gum arabic. Why? 487 more words


Painted Ice Lolly

Good Morning everybody !!

Lets make some ice lollies.

You need: lollypop sticks, acrylic   paint, tape, glitter, cereal box cardboard.

You cut a shape on ice lollypop from your cardboard cereal box. 29 more words