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Paints Industry of Bangladesh

Bangladesh paints industry inherited the history from Pakistan era. Main players of the industry Roxy paints, Sagor Chemical (Romana paints), Imperial Paints, and Elite Chemical (Elite Paints) started their business in the 50’s. 64 more words


Getting all my papers sorted for immigration 

Whilst at our breakfast gathering, I told Basit that we should go to immigration and sort my papers there. I made some research and website I was looking at told me I needed to apply for a non citizen Ghana card and then I need to get my residency permit. 498 more words


Happiness Begins at Home: Choosing the Right Interior Paint

When it comes to painting the interior of your house, the choice of interior paint is crucial. The colour, accent, and finish can change the living experience in your house and any decorating decisions you will take. 732 more words



This ones dedicated to my love of music. While my brushes glide on the canvas to give life to it, it’s always the music playing in the background that gives life to my innovation.


Is Your Home Prepared For The Rainy Season

Every house, no matter what it is built of, is vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and damage that comes along. When exposed to constant rainfall, not only the exterior loses its aesthetic appeal but also loses its ability to protect the interiors. 382 more words


Paint Colour Science: How Colours Affect Your Kids’ Behaviours

When remodelling your kids’ room, it is a good idea to paint the walls your kids’ favourite colours.

Now this might sound a bit obvious to you (parents) because it’s the kids’ room and everything in that room is only supposed to relate to their interests including paint colours. 347 more words