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Nontan's Patent(-Pending) Stress Relief Technique!


After Camilla’s long, hard day, Nozomi’s got an eye on turning the tables!


Hello, long time no see! This is the first thing I’ve written as a reward for my FIRST patreon backer.

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Lesbian Love

Wo Ai Ni...


Main Media:
Shipping Type:
Ship Name: Ranma x Shampoo
Primary Moments:
Episodes 15-17 of Season 1 & OVA 1

Ranma ½ is an anime rife with potential ships and is one of the few series to have concluded without any “official” pairing coming to fruition though it is heavily implied that Akane Tendo is his bride-to-be sometime in the far future. 1,743 more words

Character Reviews

Call Me By Your Name + Rosé

A vibrant Italian setting and emotional soundtrack combined for a beautifully shot film. With names like Sufjan Stevens and Ryuichi Sakamoto adorning the track list, you know you’re in for a soothing yet heady listen. 423 more words


The End Of The F***ing World + An English Pale Ale

I had high hopes from the start considering the series title uses profanity and they utilized that guy (Alex Lawther) from Black Mirror. Would this be an overly edgy teen drama? 460 more words


'Tis the Season!

I was out to lunch at a new favorite, Abbey Road Tavern in Cary, and wanted to go to a wine shop afterwards to see if I could find some good things to pair with sweets. 244 more words


Phantom Thread + Mushroom Omelette

There’s no surprise that Daniel Day-Lewis perfectly breathes life into eccentric designer Reynolds Woodcock. His Tim Gunn-like judgement, restrained vocal delivery,  and manicured movements create a hectically overly-structured fashion designer. 307 more words


Hangover + Cannabis

I remember the first time I heard alcohol + cannabis were not friends. I was walking with a slow moving freshmen pack during early college when one kid dropped the “big truth”. 488 more words