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How to Trade Forex Courrency Correlation Pairs

How to Trade Forex Courrency Correlation Pairs Use the following table as a guide for interpreting the different currency correlation coefficient values. -1.0 Perfect inverse correlation -0.8 Very strong inverse correlation -0.6 Strong, high inverse correlation -0.4 Moderate inverse correlation -0.2 Weak, low inverse correlation 0 No correlation. 10 more words

Balancing Boots

We’re not quite sure if these were all abandoned per se though this array of fine boots in a tranquil garden setting was an opportunity too resonant to ignore. 18 more words


Press Releases

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Press Releases

April 20, 2017

Impact of Demographic Changes on Our School Landscape

School mergers and the opening of a new Primary School in Sengkang to ensure students’ continued access to quality and rich learning experiences… 500 more words

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Worlds 2017: Pairs Review

The pairs event at Worlds 2017 was projected to be a close and intense competition. And it certainly lived up to that expectation. There was drama to spare: Injuries, accidents, quads, spectacular crashes. 8,793 more words


Worlds 2017: Pairs Predictions

So, it’s time: The World Championships start this week in Helsinki! And, while all World championships are important, this is the big one: The pre-Olympic Worlds. 4,057 more words