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dance in voile tonight!



5.24 pm


Look~ this evening
the birds were in pairs!
the sky twirled in voile!
hear the music!
its got to be spring! 13 more words


Pairs: Left Side/Right Side

The Festival du Voyageur just wrapped up after 10 days of festival activities…with alot of the activities taking place right on the frozen ice of Winnipeg’s rivers. 95 more words


Interpersonal dynamics

Sometimes it’s as though there are invisible forces connecting people to each other.

and sometimes you just need someone (the inventor of the laser in this case) to lean on.

Clean T-Shirt Challenge - Paired Feeding

One team member who is blindfolded, sits or stands with arms behind their back. Another team member sits behind them with their arms through their partners arms. 27 more words


Clean T-Shirt Challenge - Apple Bobbing

Usual apple bobbing affair, maybe replace water with something more colourful or add some food colouring, remember aim of whole t-shirt challenge is to get t-shirt dirty/messy not wet! 36 more words


Brainteaser Theme 5 - Traversable Networks

 A traversable network is when you can follow a route taking in all the paths without lifting your tracing implement.

As an alternative recreate the networks in large scale / lifesize format for Scouts to move around. 14 more words


Brainteaser Theme 4 - Jigsaw Puzzle

 Purchase some suitable puzzles from a charity shop,around 100 pieces work well.

Scouts make puzzle in fastest time – without the picture to help of course. 43 more words