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'Everything Finn can change.'

They say you should never meet your heroes or people that you look up to, not because they’ll let you down far from it. The reason this is said is because you realise things about yourself you knew but now you take it more seriously. 876 more words

Interview: Sharon Finn of Pajama Club

When a musician has had a career stretching over thirty-five years with no signs of slowing down there must be a constant need to explore and evolve one’s craft. 2,034 more words


INTERVIEW: Liam Finn (NZ), June 2011

Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I got into Sean Lennon way before John. Similarly, I was proper obsessed with Liam before by true appreciation for all things Neil kicked in. 1,144 more words


I squandered my final chance to steal a Colin Craig billboard by seeing Neil Finn in concert

While I very much respect the fact that Neil Finn has not sullied his name by playing annual sponsored acoustic hits tours with underwhelming and miscast support, I feel like I really should have seen him live by now… we do live in the same country and all. 269 more words

Neil Young

Flying above the clouds with Neil Finn

In which writewyattuk goes to work on Dizzy Heights, the new album by Neil Finn.

I’m not one for snap judgements on albums. I often feel the more immediate ones are those you tire of, while the harder-to-realise stay with you. 1,344 more words


Interview - Neil Finn

Neil Finn is an artist that needs no introduction.

Well, except for his new album. For that, he probably actually does.

Finn’s third solo album,  2,024 more words