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Fencing starts along Pakistan's porous border with Afghanistan

Pakistan and Afghanistan share an approximate 2,600 kilometer of largely porous border and both blame each other for encouraging terrorist infiltration to support deadly attacks on their particular soils. 141 more words


Is Dialogue The Only Solution For Improving Pak-Afghan Relations?

Ashraf Ghani’s statement regarding Pakistan sponsoring terrorism in Afghanistan was more like a shattering point for Pak-Afghan relations. He said that during the ‘Heart Of Asia’ conference being held at Amritsar. 264 more words

A Legacy of Ungratefulness.

Pakistan has been always a good ally of Afghanistan, it might be defense cooperation or political assistance, Pakistan has always stood along Afghans. As Pak-Afghan share a large scale border of 2230 KM, it’s really important for both countries to maintain peace in the region. 394 more words


Time for Isb- Kabul To Think.

Pakistan’s role in the War on Terror is a widely discussed topic among policy makers of carious countries, political analysts and international delegates around the world. 352 more words