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Two Countries, One War

Globally Pakistan and Afghanistan together holds much importance as both countries shares border line of 2230 KM known as Durand Lane. Since the tenure of General Raheel, our military leadership has said it very clear that Afghan & Pakistan are brotherhood countries and both have mutual enemies. 314 more words


Deadlock in Af Pak Relations

Afg-Pak relations have always been the keystone to stability in the troubled region. Pakistan is held as the prime perpetrator behind most disturbances in Afghanistan and a deep level of distrust exists between the two countries. 297 more words


Pak-Afgh Relations & Impact on Pak!

Pakistan and Afghanistan is interdependent ally of each other as they both connect Durand line of 2200 KM through which RAW sponsors terrorism in Pakistan by using Afghan soil. 574 more words


Pakistan Carves Out Trench Along Border With Afghanistan

In the dusty badlands along its disputed border with Afghanistan, Pakistan is carving out a massive trench to keep out separatists, smugglers and militants in an attempt to bring order to a lawless, tribal region. 139 more words


Pakistan to continue working for Afghan peace: President Zardari

President Asif Ali Zardari has said that Pakistan has been consistently extending every possible support for promotion of peace and stability in Afghanistan and to the efforts for intra-Afghan reconciliation as peaceful, stable and united Afghanistan was in Pakistan’s own vital interest. 424 more words

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