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The recent Pak-US revision of relation received a mixed response. Where it was taken as a restart, it was also assumed as a continuation of past practices. 546 more words

Hard Talks

Droning rationality all the way, Daily Times, 25 Oct, 2013

OVER A COFFEE : Droning rationality all the way — Dr Haider Shah

By connecting Salman Rushdie with Malala Yousazai in a sloppy overstretching of the context, one can easily see mischief floating on the surface of Orya Maqbool Jaan’s writing… 965 more words

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the Malala Drama

Malala Yousuf Zai – a name that might not be familiar to us until last year but now it is familiar to every person be him on the street or in a lavish living room. 500 more words




PAKISTAN: America rules pakistan via proxy. Zardari and others did well and Musharraf got carried away by facebook discussion and rhetoric.
Pakistan seems to have defeated India vis-a vis Afghanistan when it blocks USA from it’s role and extended hands to Afghans. 447 more words


Pakistan–Russia relations [4 of 5]

In 2012, Russia and Pakistan covertly developed geopolitical and strategic relations behind the scenes. These have mainly centered on world politics.
And as the NATO-led ISAF and the US Forces in Afghanistan plan to leave Afghanistan in 2014, the Russian Federation has come to the conclusion that Pakistan is a crucial player in Afghanistan and that: 664 more words
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Pakistan–Russia relations [3 of 5]

Russia condemned the military coup d’état against Prime minister Nawaz Sharif in 1999 to remove the prime minister from power.
On 19 April 2001, the Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Losyukov paid a state visit to Pakistan where both countries agreed upon cooperating in economic development, and to work towards peace and prosperity in the region. 2,543 more words
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Pakistan–Russia relations [2 of 5]

In 1974, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto paid a tiring and lengthy state visit to Soviet Union, becoming the first prime minister since the independence of Pakistan in 1947. 1,551 more words
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