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‘Bajwa Doctrine’ working well against American blackmail

Leading British security think-tank Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) has said in an analysis that Pakistan army under “Bajwa Doctrine” is biting back hard against threats issued by the American administration and far more confident than it was when the Americans threatened its then President, General Musharraf, to bomb Pakistan into the stone age if it didn’t comply with American demands. 737 more words

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India fumed at the warming Pakistan-US relations

NEW DELHI: US President Donald Trump’s tweet that he is starting to develop a much better relationship with Pakistan and its leaders, even thanking Islamabad for cooperation on many fronts, has flummoxed many in India, coming as it does shortly after the US seemed to have put Pakistan on notice while announcing its new Afghanistan policy. 465 more words

The free woman of the third world and sex positive feminism (Opinion)

Allow me to situate myself as honestly as it is possible in my socio-political circumstances before I can problematise sex positive feminism, especially how its operationalisation in the apparent “third world” is understood. 1,130 more words