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China: Pakistan’s friend or foe

The rhetoric of China-Pakistan friendship is endless but more in Pakistan. In 2013 90% Pakistani said China is our friend. So Pakistan is the world’s most pro-China country. 648 more words


EEE: Enlightening Experiences from Ex-boyfriends

Today is January 28, 2016. I am currently single.

I want to share to the world, the universe rather, the lessons my ex-boyfriends taught me. 995 more words

Being Gay In The Philippines

Lezatnya Pangsit Bakso Pak Nasir

Hai food lovers yang ngakunya doyan bakso, sudah cobain Pak Nasir atau yang sering disebut bakso Laguna / bakso Cita Hati? Kalau belum coba, wajib cobain ! 378 more words


Pakistan’s Failure in Combating Terrorism

Pakistan has been fighting against terrorism since 9/11, 2001, when the United States of America was attacked by Al-Qaeda. Though its decision was hesitant and because of American pressure, it fought against terrorists and is still fighting. 730 more words


Will Pakistan Peoples Party rise again?

Many are convinced that Pakistan Peoples Party has gone with the wind, but many others believe it will rise again. Those who are convinced have left its ranks and joined other parties mainly Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf but some also have gone farther and have joined Pakistan Muslim League N. 827 more words


My explanation of Modi’s impromptu visit to Pakistan

On 25-th December when many were busy in Christmas and others were observing Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Birthday here in Pakistan “a few” were celebrating Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s birthday on his granddaughter Mehrun Nisa’s wedding. 827 more words