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pak / usa

USA will give Pak = 1 billion – COALLITION SUPPORT FUND

Reason – they helped USA in agfanistan & its their cost price (MATH)

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Gawadar – The Game Changer

The article will focus on how Gwadar can change the destiny of Pakistan  Economic Marriage Between Pakistan & China There are very few examples of state to state friendship in the world as Pakistan and China have. 881 more words


russia pakistan

  • Russia is collaborating with pakistan @ time when nato is retreating
  • Russia will give MI 35 helicopter to pakistan
  • this partnership is taking place after 45 yrs…
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housing in lanka

Paki is cooperating to build houses in mannar where india is doing the same

India – using agency “UN habitat”

Pakistan – gave money direct to Govt. 6 more words

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CASA 1000

Pak is cooperating with afgan to implement CASA-1000

  • It’s a electricity project
  • 1000 Mw
  • Length – 750 Km
  • Countries – Turkmenistan -> afgan -> pak
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indo pak / on sidelines of SCO july 2015

PM on the sidelines of the SCO summit in Ufa announced that

  • PM would visit Islamabad in 2016 for the SAARC summit,
  • Both side will…
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Pak vs SL

Pak won historical series in SL after 9 years