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Munch Pak Mini Review 

Of course I was watching my favorite youtuber, I have a lot of favorite youtubers but whenever I see them open a box of goodies and I’m like I want that. 312 more words

The befuddling bewilderment of not having an opinion

For the longest time, social media has got me feeling devastatingly disillusioned, if not somewhat depressed.

What am I to do with all the countless opinions on all the countless “issues” that keep appearing in never-ending streams on my various screens? 501 more words


Camping against corruption in the world

Let’s start a strong camping against the corruption in the world and promote a peaceful society where every one could live happily.


They Don't Know: a poem

Staff Writer

They do not know where they’re going,

Blindly following the procession to Zion,

But reality is a different story,

All they hear is the siren’s song. 80 more words

Sword And Shield

'IN' ki Problem- Firing across LoC

Pakistan violated the ceasefire in the Aknoor sector and some parts of Poonch district. Six civilians injured. Pak should start buying dictionaries from USA instead of  arms. 11 more words


Bewafa China

China is being a Big Brother to Pak again. In the meantime, India’s move to buy 36 French Dessault Rafale jets has rattled China. In this context, 14 more words