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Much Ado About Nothing

I remember waking up on a Sunday, 9th March 2008 it was, thinking how different life would be thenceforth. The Barisan Alternatif, the precursor to the now-defunct… 550 more words

What Da F***!!

Man, oh man!--Another Racist Political Party in Malaysia

July 26, 2016

Man, oh man!–Another Racist Political Party in Malaysia

by Azmi Sharom


Man, oh man! This new party being proposed by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has really set some alarm bells ringing. 861 more words


The comedy of errors orchestrated by Najib Razak

Firstly, many Malaysians who read the DOJ’s suit against Riza Aziz understood that Najib’s step son could have never accumulated those illegal assets without the authorisation and approval by Malaysian Official Number 1. 2,145 more words

Umno & Barisan Nasional

Evaluating Voter Support in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar Using General Election Results and Twitter

1. Background

Prior to the 13th General Election (GE13) we came up with a methodology of predicting election results based on voting patterns in previous elections. 5,216 more words

Social Media

UMNO tries to deceive its own partners in Barisan Nasional

The latest statements from Najib Razak and Noh Omar really did not make any sense.

Two days ago Najib said this about the bill Hadi Awang had presented to Parliament recently: 681 more words

Umno & Barisan Nasional

DAP's Dominance, Pakatan's Downfall?

May 15, 2016

DAP’s Dominance, Pakatan’s Downfall?

Opposition parties must form a real coalition, not an electoral alliance, and moderate their positions.


By William Leong Jee Keen… 1,819 more words