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Māori and Chinese, Māori and Pākehā

This is a story about the formal welcome of an immigrant group (Chinese) into a new homeland (Australia). It ends with a question about broader applications.
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Applied ICD

Past Māori and Pākehā conflict

There have increasing calls for more Aotearoa New Zealand history to be taught in schools. When I was at school it was sadly lacking, and it is still deficient. 1,050 more words


Another "Hui"

Once or twice a year we have a “Hui”. I emphasize “Hui” because we are a painfully ‘dominant culture orientated’ (a.k.a white) organisation. We have the naive belief that calling these annual meetings a ‘Hui’, or the… 889 more words

Nonsense to suggest Brash speaks on behalf of Pākehā

@MorganGodfery: “pākehā should stop letting don brash try to speak on their behalf”

Don Brash obviously speaks for himself. He may speak for Hobson’s Choice, at times at least. 221 more words

Free Speech

Researching Māori Heritage as a Non-Native New Zealander

As a non-native New Zealander and white European, one of the biggest challenges I have faced so far is understanding the history between Māori and Pakeha communities. 563 more words


Does NZ culture condition Pākehā to Ignore Racism? / A.J. Hendry

I grew up thinking racism didn’t exist, not in New Zealand anyway.

White privilege was a made-up concept, something that existed in America, but had no place here in Aotearoa. 1,187 more words

Social Justice


finished licking the ringhole

of the pakeha yet?

still think they have your best

interests at heart?

yah know:

they never did.

and they never will. 36 more words