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Trolling the Norsemen

It’s a mistake to think that Pakeha culture in Aotearoa is predominantly anglophone. Although the English were the first Europeans to land, and the French were the first to plant grapes for wine (important things first, France), much of the infrastructure which was needed required Viking blood. 318 more words

Poets Square: When Ihu Karaiti Walked The Whenua / A.J. Hendry

When Ihu Karaiti walked the whenua

He saw the bondage of tangata whenua

The scars so deep, through which trauma seeped, he saw their pain… 149 more words

A.J. Hendry

Ihumātao - What Pākehā should *NOT* do

With some historical and present context, it should become readily apparent to Pakeha that the occupation at Ihumātao is not a free-for-all conflict for any and everyone to become involved in. 2,173 more words

The Body Politic

Our History

Its so exciting to get two Opinion Pieces on this topic within days of each other in the Dominion Post. Are we beating ourselves up about this, or what? 732 more words

NZ History

The iwi and the pākehā

From the lookout nest on Captain Cook’s ship the Endeavour, Gisborne is the place where “Young Nicholas” first discovered New Zealand. In the same way in which an American friend of mine believes that pizza was invented in Chicago (complete can of worms to discuss that here, though). 611 more words

Engaging with Treaty Settlements (and their past): The Negotiators on Māori TV

Most Pākehā know that there have been some treaty settlements. But I’d hazard most of us don’t know about the violent racist reprisals that accompanied them, such as the sabotaging of Ngāi Tahu boats in Kaikoura, or the torching of a number of their marae and the destruction of the Ngāi Tahu Community Law Centre in Dunedin. 1,153 more words

Setting the record straight - Pakeha kill just as many children as Maori do, despite Maori being reported by mainstream as the "face of abuse"

Pakeha kill just as many children as Maori do, despite Maori being the “face of abuse” Raema Merchant (Lecturer EIT; BSW, MSW)

In 2017, at least 45 babies were taken the day they were born, and more than half of the newborns were removed from young Māori mothers  …

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