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Bastards are best at Bryanston

The Great Bryanston Trespass: January 2011

‘No Public Access’ at Bryanston School in Dorset. I was sure there would be a way to gain access but the trees could be very hard to find in the woodland. 290 more words


Under the Trees at Welbeck

The Greendale Oak: September 2012

The one that thought it would get away but didn’t. The Spookiest of Adventures.

The Greendale Oak and the Great and Little Porters which attend it, were well out of the frame when I researched then for the first time. 379 more words


A Family Pet at Bowthorpe

The Bowthorpe Oak, Lincolnshire: September 2012

On our way to a cottage in Lincolnshire. Who would have thought that we would have holidayed in Lincolnshire? Actually it was all a memorable success. 134 more words


Praying for Gilbert White's Yew

Selborne, Hampshire: October 2013

The third of the¬†Burnham Beeches¬†Extravaganza trio. But definitely ‘one I did earlier’. Very famous and very old the poor Yew tree in the churchyard at Selborne was blown out of the ground by a gale in 1990. 143 more words


Hunting Herne's Oaks at Windsor

Windsor Great Park: October 2013

The second day of the Burnham Beeches extravaganza.
After a good breakfast at the Hand and Flowers, Marlow, a short drive into the Great Park at Windsor. 127 more words


Very Reverend Vegetables at Burnham

The Burnham Beeches Extravaganza: October 2013

The ancient common of the Burnham Beeches has, for a reason that I do not know, always been somewhere that I thought I ought to visit. 178 more words


Wordsworth's Yews at Lorton and Borrowdale

Borrowdale, Cumbria: New Year’s Day 2013

A special one to remember. Christmas 2012 found us at Longton, in Lancashire, clearing and sprucing up my mother-in-laws little bungalow; ready to put it up for sale. 268 more words