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పాకిస్తాన్‌ క్రికెట్‌ పదేళ్లు వెనుకబడి ఉంది- అక్రం

పాకిస్తాన్‌ క్రికెట్‌ పదేళ్లు వెనుకబడి ఉంది- అక్రం

టి-20 ప్రపంచ కప్‌లో భారత చేతిలో ఓడిపోయిన పాకిస్తాన్‌ జట్టు విమర్శల జల్లులో తడుస్తోంది. తాజాగా ఆ దేశ మాజీ కేప్టెన్‌ పాకిస్తాన్‌ ఆటతీరు మీదా, అక్కడి క్రికెట్ బోర్డు మీదా నిర్దాక్షిణ్యంగా విరుచుకుపడ్డాడు. పాకిస్తాన్‌ క్రికెట్‌కు సంబంధించిన ఏ సలహా కావాలన్నా, ఏ సాయం చేయాలన్నా తాను సిద్ధంగా ఉన్నాననీ…………Read More……..

The not so lucky match-fixers of Pakistan

Left-arm fast-bowler Muhammad Amir will make a sensational return against New Zealand on Friday when he will play his first international in more than five years. 704 more words


Will the World Cup T20 Final be - A Match Made in Heaven?

March has always been that time of the year that brings different kinds of stress to different age groups. School kids are dealing with the stress of the Annual/Board exams, Sales Professionals are dealing with year-end targets, Farmers are struggling with the harvest, General population is dealing with the inhuman summer temperatures etc. 814 more words

Our Cricket Team – a reflection of our own attitude

The unseen similarities between the attitude of our Cricket team and our working culture

It has been quite a busy quarter with cricket, where we saw the first ever PSL and two big international events. 975 more words


Lights, camera, action: Let the (PSL) games begin!

After a long period of waiting, the first edition of Pakistan Super League (PSL) finally kicked off in Dubai last night. Stars from Pakistan, Jamaica and America performed their hearts out for a pretty decent sized crowd. 568 more words


Do or die: Azhar Ali’s time as captain may be running out

The Pakistan cricket team has landed in New Zealand where the men in green are set to play their final ODI series before the World T20 scheduled to take place in India in March. 678 more words


Don’t panic, Pakistan! Sure, we will miss Yasir Shah, but not too much

On Sunday, anyone who follows the Pakistani cricket team was left dumbfounded. Yasir Shah, our very own Messi, failed a random sampling dope test taken on November 13, 2015 after the match against England. 660 more words