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Beauty of The Nature by asifsherazi

Islamabad, Pakistan.
Nikon D4s + Nikon 600mm f4E FLED + Nikon TC14E-III

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... What Part of " No " does North Korea not Understand ?? [#missile tech]...

.. those idiots have been told , time and time again . You are not to develop ballistic missile tech , not ever . So , what did the DPRK do ?? 162 more words

Personal Opinion

"I think we make our own life through our decisions. I want to make the right decisions."

“When I was growing up and my parents realized that I am a transgender, the behaviour of males changed immediately. They wanted to give me away to the transgender community and at first I thought maybe that was for the best. 150 more words


Open Jirga with General Asad Durrani of the ISI

The Open Jirga programme where General Asad Durrani, the Former Head of the ISI (Pakistan’s Intelligence Service) answers questions was voiced over in Dari. I thought to type out his answers in English for those who did not understand. 2,475 more words

West Vs East