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زندہ مردے اور کامریڈ روزی خان

کامریڈ روزی خان “زندہ مردوں ” کی ایک نہ ختم ہونے والی دوستوں کی فہرست میں اپنا نام چڑھانے سے باز رہ کر اس دنیا سے رخصت ہوگئے۔


Migrant Allegedly Murdered 70-Year-Old Because She Was An ‘Infidel’

An article in Breitbart news a migrant is accused of murdering and robbing an elderly person in Southern Germany. Extremist show little regard for life and believe that they can use any means possible to take or steal for the Infidel. 17 more words


Indian Propaganda to defame Pakistan army on social media exposed badly

Growing Indo-Pakistan tension has turned social media into a battlefield in the past few months. Indian agencies are now using social media as a tool to spread hatred and spiteful thoughts to the Pakistani community against state and its armed forces. 182 more words

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