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Pakistani immigrants row their engineless dinghy

Pakistani immigrants row their engineless dinghy, which was drifting out of control, in rough seas between Greece and Turkey. Ahmad, one of the immigrants onboard the dinghy, said that they have been rowing for over five hours before eventually reaching a beach in central Kos town. 24 more words


As if we don't exist: the Greek-Pakistani gay couple who were brutally beaten up

source: Amnesty International

In August 2014, art teacher Kostas and asylum-seeker Zabi were violently attacked while out in Varnava Square, in Athens, Greece. To mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia on 17 May, they explain how the assault has left them feeling afraid for their safety. 786 more words


Greece’s Pakistani Immigrants Are Hopeful the Golden Dawn Party Trial Can Bring Change

(Author: Omaira Gill, Vice.com, 11/05/2015)

It’s a quiet afternoon in Nazaar Hussein Shah’s Bollywood DVD store in the heart of Athens’ South Asian immigrant community. 1,047 more words


7 kinds of Pakistani immigrants you'll most likely come across in Canada

It’s been a little over a year since my immigrant status in Canada and I have met some interesting fellow Pakistanis. Immigrants who tend to fall in a certain ‘type’. 801 more words

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Greece: 5 immigrants murdered in one year, 50 in the last decade

Five immigrants were killed by cops and coast guards during last year in Greece. More than fifty humans have been killed the last ten years because of “luckily gun-fires”, “unclear situations”, “health problems”, “unreasonable self-suicides”, the “reasonable rage of citizens”. 2,394 more words

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Immigrant victim of police torture passes away in Athens

source: tvxs

An immigrant fell victim of police brutality

A brutal incident of police violence occurred on the evening of September 26 in Nikaia, Athens.   The victim a 25 year old immigrant, who died yesterday of his wounds.

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Mass hunger strike at Athens Airport since Sunday

source in Greek: http://www.tvxs.gr/v21898

About 150 immigrants detained at the airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” began a mass hunger strike on Sunday.  The immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India had been living and working  for years in Greece.   122 more words