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Favorite Cafes Around Palais Royale

This hidden jardin is possibly my favorite spot in Paris. With its graceful arcade, blossoming roses and bubbling fountain, its Paris’ secret garden. It seems to float beneath most tourists’ radar, despite the fact that it is a mere block away from the Louvre. 302 more words


Walking around Paris

Tuesday was the start of the conference so Glen went off to do conference things up at La Défense. We’d left the house together in search of a croissant but didn’t find one easily so Glen went hungry. 507 more words


Stopping at Jardin Palais Royale plus a few good surrounding places to eat

One of my favorite places to recharge and renew. It’s almost always quiet and the historic scenery and botanical beauty can’t be beat. Here are a few good places to hunt down in the vicinity once your stomach starts to growl. 128 more words

Paris Wanderings

Paris Mish Mash

We took the age old quote, “water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink” and turned it into, “stores and restaurants everywhere, and not a one is open.” This seemed to be the theme of the day, as our free day in Paris happened to fall on a Parisian holiday. 266 more words

Seein' Stuff


She gathers her mother’s dress up over her ankles so she can move without tripping or ripping the hem as she shuffles over to the record player.

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An Anthropological Study of a Contemporary Canadian Wedding Reception

Last Saturday I went to a wedding reception. The couple are friends of Hannah’s, and so it was the first reception I’d ever seen that was being held by peers. 1,721 more words

Today in the Arts: The first public art exhibit

Today in 1667 the first public art exhibit was held at the Palais-Royale, Paris, France. The building is pictured here. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons by Britchi Mirela.

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