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Arms of Urcabustaiz, Spain

Granted 1996

Blazon: Argent an oak tree eradicated proper fructed or between two acorns in chief also proper, in base a talbot passant sable surmounted by a mountain of five peaks proper, on the dexter a pale azure charged with ten canes 3, 2, 2, and 3 or, all within a bordure tierced per fess of the field, vert, and gules charged with the motto “Iragana buruan*” in the dexter chief, “Geroa eskuan**” in the sinister chief, and “Urkabustaiz” in base, all sable… 6 more words


pale night

It wasn’t a dark night.

Or a cold night. Not empty, or silent. But it was pale and cloudless, like an unblemished face singing with the voices of every cricket’s chorus, seeing only silhouettes. 67 more words



Sporadic ripples stacked to the brim, from black to pale. A green horizon clouded with gold unify as one.


words for a new dawn

This could be a post to add to the “you should meet this person” category but, the truth is that, everyone, knows Carl Sagan.
Carl Sagan, David Attenborough and Jacques-Yves Cousteau are three major mentors in my live. 190 more words

You Should Listen To This


Perched on the winter limbs, multiple homes cling onto me for dependency. Will my rhythm hold? This flight feels like the day I meet the bevel.


Getting Naked

Naked on the Go by Urban Decay that is! I found this little Gem on sale at Ulta for only $30 and that is a steal! 298 more words

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