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These Walls 


If these walls could talk, They’d tell you ,
❝ hi ❞
Smile quickly,
And hide among the crowds that pass by.

『 °*• ❀ •*°』 258 more words


No-tan guide

I am so pale that when people meets me usually the first thing they remark is how pale I am. Even friends and family bring up the topic of my paleness on trips and holidays where bathing suits are required. 569 more words


The Borneo series: Pale is beautiful?

For those of you who know me, I am incredibly pale. A milky shade of white, magnolia, silky whitening, white paint. Throughout my teenage years, it was heavily remarked on how pale I was and how I must wear fake tan to ‘fit in’. 426 more words


Jerusalem - the Eternal Capital of Believers

The blessed land of Jerusalem belongs to the One who created it. That is the Almighty God, ALLAH the most Supreme. That is what I believe. 502 more words


InZane (inter) Views have the absolute pleasure to have British Electro Pop Duo Pale featured.

Hey guys I know you’re like super secretive but, why did you almost give up the project?Family comes first, but, You’re Good! Was the city the and rent the problem ? 1,339 more words

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Allendale GFPA

Great to see Gluten free beer. Sensible business move.

Appearance: Pale golden, big head.

Aroma: Citrus, hoppy.

Taste: Medium hop, slight citrus.

Score: 6

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1. Menstruation cause anemia

Normal menstruation dont cause anemia! But if you are suffering from menstrual disorders such as menorrhagia which is abnormally heavy bleeding. Normal menstruation according to Menstrupedia is only about 80 mL of blood loss which would not be leading to anemia. 288 more words