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Good tanning year

Today has been lonely. I’ve spent it with my boyfriend but we’ve had no des today. And we had no idea what to do without him. 196 more words


Artist: Pale Genre: Indie Notable lyrics: 348 more words

Pale girl walking... but you saw that

This last week my self-assurance took a whattheeverloving fuck hit. I have pretty good self-esteem. Now. That took a lot of therapy and also maturity. I am heavier than I have ever been and only mind slightly. 378 more words

Arms of Bregenz, Austria

Granted 1529

Blazon: Kürsch on a pale argent three ermine tails sable

These arms originally belonged to the Counts of Bregenz, a branch of the Udalrichinger family, who were allegedly descended from Charlemagne’s brother-in-law. 86 more words


Firm Friends?


Firm friends? Macron handshake leaves mark on Trump

JUN 10, 2018
LA MALBAIE, QUEBEC – They once shook hands for an eye-watering 29 seconds, with neither man willing to show a hint of weakness. 214 more words

In the pale

I am a white girl.

And as far as white girls go, I’m on the lower end of the scale as far as melanin production goes. 259 more words



The world is pale, the leaves are dry.

The fields are bare, sad is the sky.

There are no colours,  no single shade.

Neither black nor white,  it seems so dead. 32 more words