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Getting Ready For Summer

The sun has been shining the past few days and my “holiday” to Madrid is nearing every day, therefore in my books it is time to start getting ready for summer. 301 more words


Mr. Sun

I am like 1/32 Native American, and for some reason every year I think that is enough to keep my poor little pale ginger skin from getting burnt. 100 more words


Mère Nature's Fille.

Ok, I should be getting back into the groove of things for a little while. So sorry lovely’s!.. but Ive made a outfit for today and got to experiment with…SPARKLES! 137 more words

Ninkasi Brewing Company - Ticerahops

Aah, puns.  One of the staples of beer naming.  I really hope that by the time I get into brewing all the good names aren’t taken but I suppose that’s not all that possible, all things considered. 147 more words

Sophie Jungblut - Sun is missing

Photographer, model, blogger and fashion lover Sophie Jungblut from Berlin shows that it is possible to be model and photographer in an own image-series. Imagination and creative ideas – these are the only important conditions; and those can be found in Sophie’s editorial! 145 more words