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Fashion No.II

The though of that prismatic pink paint stain on your black sneakers is enough of a happiness to keep me going until I feel the pink on my fingertips… 93 more words


Lifeless Eyes

Will never forget seeing the life in his eyes leave.

Seeing the color escape his body.

Making his skin look pale as a ghost.

Motionless, death lingers in the air. 100 more words


Setting off

Packed. Unpacked. Packed again. Unpacked again. You get the picture. Who knew the most stressful thing about travelling was before you even left the country. 168 more words


5 Steps To Sun-Kissed Fair Skin

Ever since you were a wee pre-teen, you’ve been longing for beautiful, tanned, caramel skin. You tried everything; lying out in the sun for hours, tanning oil, self-tanner, tinted lotion, bronzers… Yet you never achieved your dream tan. 375 more words



So today I got my brows down my lashes done and my roots done !!! On a Tuesday, how dare I spend this money on myself when I have a toddler with needs and wants daily. 76 more words


A shimmering duo from Becca

I was possibly too excited when Becca released the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Pearl as an individual shade – finally, the ghostly of face could be ├╝ber-glowy too. 316 more words


Eczema: Makeup

Hello my lovelies! Today I thought I’d take the time to talk to you about make-up and eczema…

Recently I have found that, in not wearing makeup everyday, my skin has generally gotten better, less spotty and no eczema. 214 more words