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1. Menstruation cause anemia

Normal menstruation dont cause anemia! But if you are suffering from menstrual disorders such as menorrhagia which is abnormally heavy bleeding. Normal menstruation according to Menstrupedia is only about 80 mL of blood loss which would not be leading to anemia. 288 more words

Synth Pop British duo Pale finally release their long awaited (self titled) first album

I am not gonna lie to you. Before today (and 6 consecutive listens to the album), I had never heard of them of these guys, Alan and Lee, in art Pale if it wasn’t for my good friend Kurt.  239 more words

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ever feel like no one sees you? i’m starting to like that feeling



Ode to Tan (poem by me)

Tan, oh tan,
Where art thou?
See me so pale,
I look pallid—
almost sickly.

When you were here,
I looked at least
ten pounds thinner, 47 more words


Nogne o Pale Ale

Another good Christmas present for a relative you don’t like!

Appearance: Golden, lots of bubbles, huge head.

Aroma: Not much of an aroma.

Taste: Very harsh, malty, hoppy, not pleasant.

Score: 2

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