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It's not Pale, it's Porcelain

Let’s talk about genetics for a minute. The way my genes fall I’m 1/8 Cherokee Indian….lol… and some mix of English, Scottish, Irish. You know I’m really not sure. 322 more words


Contouring for Fair Skin

I understand that this post may be a little more ‘niche’ than usual, but not only is finding contour products for pale skin almost impossible, it’s also a problem that I feel I have a lot of knowledge about. 557 more words


Three perfect cream highlighters for pale skin

Everyone and their catĀ seems to be loving highlighter at the moment, whether it makes you look subtly glowing or like a freshly glazed Krispy Kreme (other shiny doughnuts are available). 442 more words


Pale People Problems: A Reality

In the midst of an especially heated summer, it isn’t easy to forget just how pale I am. Sure, that’s a reality of my life all year round, whether I’m blending in with the fresh fallen snow or the white beach sand, but it becomes especially obvious in the summer, the time that everyone craves that perfect mocha glow that they seem to crave all year round…and you stay just as ghostly. 1,031 more words

Product Review: Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Gradual Tan

For someone who is extremely pale and doesn’t tan very well, I have been looking for a way to make my skin look vibrant and ‘glowy’ for several years. 322 more words


How to be a Jenah McKenzie

There are many difficulties in life worth noting. Climbing Kilimanjaro and forgetting your water bottle at the bottom. Washing your car without taking note that there is a 100% chance of rain predicted for that evening. 771 more words


Hi guys and welcome to the weekend!

It’s still nice and sunny (read: ridiculously hot to be wearing office attire) where I live and it seems like all around me, people are showing off their gradually increasing tans.

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