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Alleyway Rebellion


Featured in Rebelicious Magazine

Photographer: Jessica Rae


Stylist: Tracy Cake

Hair: Brianne McLean Smith

Model: Caelyx (white), Mihola Terzik (Heart pasties)



Everything I want is a lurid fantasy

Everything I get is not what it’s meant to be.

Maybe I should lower my standards?

Maybe I should expect less? 77 more words


Sublime Bronze - 'Summer Glow Lotion' :Loreal Paris- |Eye am Emma|

As it’s now Autumn, the days are getting shorter and summer is now a distant memory (Even though it’s boiling hot in Manchester today) for a girl like me who is naturally pale, sometimes i like to use things to help me not look like a ghost 24/7. 462 more words


7 Things That all Pale People Know to be True

Being pale. This is a topic that I know a lot about considering I walk around most days looking only slightly more tanned than a corpse (and slightly less tanned than a corpse in the dead of winter). 509 more words

Carley Lightfoot

Mysterious of the night

The colors of the night are unique. The bright pale shine from the full moon over the clouds have some flair that no human could ever reproduce and no camera could ever atrap. 9 more words