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Flandrian Beast (Belgian Strong Ale)

I love Belgian beers, particularly the Trappist Dubbels.  Reading Michael Jackson’s “Brew Like a Monk” provides loads of information about the process… and the more I read, the more I freaked out.  625 more words

These Walls 


If these walls could talk, They’d tell you ,
❝ hi ❞
Smile quickly,
And hide among the crowds that pass by.

『 °*• ❀ •*°』 258 more words


No-tan guide

I am so pale that when people meets me usually the first thing they remark is how pale I am. Even friends and family bring up the topic of my paleness on trips and holidays where bathing suits are required. 569 more words


The Borneo series: Pale is beautiful?

For those of you who know me, I am incredibly pale. A milky shade of white, magnolia, silky whitening, white paint. Throughout my teenage years, it was heavily remarked on how pale I was and how I must wear fake tan to ‘fit in’. 426 more words


Jerusalem - the Eternal Capital of Believers

The blessed land of Jerusalem belongs to the One who created it. That is the Almighty God, ALLAH the most Supreme. That is what I believe. 502 more words


InZane (inter) Views have the absolute pleasure to have British Electro Pop Duo Pale featured.

Hey guys I know you’re like super secretive but, why did you almost give up the project?Family comes first, but, You’re Good! Was the city the and rent the problem ? 1,339 more words

Music News

Allendale GFPA

Great to see Gluten free beer. Sensible business move.

Appearance: Pale golden, big head.

Aroma: Citrus, hoppy.

Taste: Medium hop, slight citrus.

Score: 6

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