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Not-so-hot shop

I hate summer clothes. I’ll sweat it out in my long sleeves and trousers for as long as I can get away with, ignoring emails about SS16’s ‘hot shop’ collection until I start getting hallucinations from the heat. 542 more words

Cosmic Girl

This is the final outcome of the other of the two pieces I posted before.
I’ve named it Cosmic girl. ^-^
The background frustrated me yet again – whats new eh? 25 more words


Just Karma 97 for May 2016 wp

Just Karma 97
(a mini haibun).

pale pearl in the eastern robin’s egg
blue sky tries (..peek-a * ) …and tries
to play hide.(.peek-a-boo ) and seek… 58 more words


Pale Girl Problems (or, why Porcelain is a lie and Shade 01 is a betrayal)

I’ve always been the palest person I know. It was a running joke of sorts – every year, the first time I wore shorts in the spring, I’d get the same comment: 1,371 more words


Top Ten Things Pale Girls Hear at the Beach

10.“Oh my god, you’re so white!”

Thanks, I hadn’t noticed.

9.“Wow you can’t tan? That would suck.”

Pretty sure skin cancer sucks worse.

8.”Why don’t you just go to tanning beds if you can’t tan?” 150 more words

Feeling Awkward