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Of Arthur British Pale Gold AntiAlice Cosplay Costume Wigs

When you go into an instance, the first thing you must do is draw all the enemies in the instance. You now need to stay alive and make sure you draw all the enemies. 312 more words

Playing with rose gold makeup and stuff

I posted this to Tumblr forever ago, but I thought I would repost here in light of my recent quest to find my pale brothers & sisters and help them find their way out of the shadows and into the shadier part of the light. 192 more words


Si Santa Maria Kamalen

For this month’s Fino’ Chamoru challenge, I’ll be posting things on Mumun Linahyan to help those who are looking for materials to practice reading in the Chamorro language. 835 more words

Fino' Chamoru


Photography/ Art Direction: Katy Shayne

Model: Tess McMillan

Style: Katy Shayne & Kaidon Ho

MUA: Kaidon Ho



Key FOREVER YUNG Oval Soft Sponge Makeup Facial Cleaning

If you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight you may be surprised to learn that one of the newest and most successful diet trends is actually based on a product that is thousands of years old. 397 more words

Revealing Little Me BabyGirls Newborn 3 Pack White and

Gamer who wish a new puppy inside on-line role-playing sport “RuneScape” get numerous possibilities while deciding on the canine. If you choose to have a very gecko as being a puppy, you’ll want Amount 10 Summoning. 307 more words