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Glow in the Dark

Bright colorless eyes

Skin so pale you see beneath

She glows in the dark.

Creative Writing

Alleyway Rebellion


Featured in Rebelicious Magazine

Photographer: Jessica Rae


Stylist: Tracy Cake

Hair: Brianne McLean Smith

Model: Caelyx (white), Mihola Terzik (Heart pasties)



Everything I want is a lurid fantasy

Everything I get is not what it’s meant to be.

Maybe I should lower my standards?

Maybe I should expect less? 77 more words


Sublime Bronze - 'Summer Glow Lotion' :Loreal Paris- |Eye am Emma|

As it’s now Autumn, the days are getting shorter and summer is now a distant memory (Even though it’s boiling hot in Manchester today) for a girl like me who is naturally pale, sometimes i like to use things to help me not look like a ghost 24/7. 462 more words


7 Things That all Pale People Know to be True

Being pale. This is a topic that I know a lot about considering I walk around most days looking only slightly more tanned than a corpse (and slightly less tanned than a corpse in the dead of winter). 509 more words

Carley Lightfoot