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That Time I Did Magic Mushrooms In The Jungle (Part 1 of 2)

Mexico, home to one of planet Earth’s most populated cities, some of the most amazingly delicious street food and 53 of the world’s approximately 200 species of psilocybin mushrooms. 797 more words

Efectos de la Censura en nuestra Libertad de Expresión

Censura es la corrección o reprobación de algo. El término, que proviene del latín censura, se utiliza para nombrar al juicio y dictamen que se hace sobre una obra. 897 more words

Aprendiendo A Vivir

Exploring Tikal - Jungle Trails, Tourists and Travel Agencies

Our last stop in Guatemala was the beautiful lake island of Flores, our base for a trip to Tikal. Flores was an unexpected bonus, meant just to be a place to stay for our visit to Tikal, however this pretty pastel town’s great street food, lakeside bars and friendly locals really charmed us. 620 more words


Exploring the ruins at Palenque, Mexico

Before a day (or just a few hours, which is what we lasted!) of exploring ancient Mayan ruins, breakfast is a must. I recommend pork tacos. 244 more words



We left San Cristobal de las Casas at 5am, whilst the stars were still shining, to head north to Palenque. Even though the roads were not very nice – they were either covered in nasty speed bumps or ridiculously curvy – it was a beautiful ride. 674 more words

How I rode city busses in Mexico

Already a two months ago I visited Mexico. On one hand it has always been my dream to visit the glorious homeland of the mayas, whom I have idolized since I was very small. 1,707 more words


Ruins, Robbery, and Recovery in Chiapas

I think the first time I heard, vaguely, of Chiapas—the southernmost state in Mexico, on the border with Guatemala—was because of the 1994 Zapatista (EZLN) rebellion and its aftermath. 1,022 more words